This site collects the session summaries from The Dimming of the Stars, a role-playing game campaign I ran at San Francisco State University from November 2004 to August 2006 using White Wolf Publishing's Exalted: The Sidereals setting.

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The Exalted setting, and the many locations, themes, rules, and characters I've pulled from it, are property of White Wolf Publishing. The roleplaying sessions and these associated summaries are a non-commercial work.

My name is Barry Figgins, and I was the Storyteller for this game. I've been roleplaying since I entered college, and was the president of the University of California, Irvine RPG Club from 2000-2004, and the Gamers' Conclave at San Francisco State University from 2004-2007. I'm an avid student of games of all kinds, and I invite you to visit my portfolio and personal blog at

The session summaries follow:

Tonight was the first full session of my latest Exalted campaign. This is my first time running The Sidereals, and the first time any of my players have played Exalted, but I feel we're getting off to a good start.

The game keeps attracting more people - we're up to 7 so far. It's big, but I'd rather deal with a lot of players than turn away anyone who's interested in Exalted.

The characters:
Fas'rial, Chosen of the Maiden of Journeys. Utterly silent, he speaks through images and writings, occasionally coming off as a bit of a lighthearted fool. Is he truly a half-wit, or do his antics cover up some deeper secret?

Caelan, Chosen of the Maiden of Serenity. A gentle weaver, over 700 years old yet still greatly concerned with the well-being of humanity. She's been shackled to a desk job for the last century, and is finally getting a chance to travel to Creation again.

Elentari, Chosen of the Maiden of Endings. A sorceress on the rise, unafraid to bring things to their proper end. Death brings no terror to her. Was she born this way, or did some event change her?

Kyra Laditaken, Chosen of the Maiden of Battles. The Exalted daughter of a warrior, she's the muscle of the group - quiet, but brutal when her blade starts swinging. She acts tough, but what about the friends her Exaltation forced her to leave behind?

Zahara, Chosen of the Maiden of Secrets. An explorer, seeking that knowledge which has been lost to time. She possesses a key which can open any door, and no secret is safe from her eyes.

Merciless Constable of Heaven's Mandate, Chosen of the Maiden of Endings. A brutal enforcer of what he sees as the will of heaven. An celestial policeman, with no regard for the lives of criminals. His fanaticism is sure to bring him trouble some day soon.

Iadas Ipparrion, Chosen of the Maiden of Secrets. A trickster who wants to be remembered - and is frustrated by the Arcane Fate of the Sidereals that causes others to forget him. He wants to create the kind of mythical secrets that men will quest their whole lives to find.