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Presenter: Jack Sheehy     Assistant:
Session 2                           Room: 01


This will be a presentation of the free and interactive website builder that provides.  This website allows the user to create a unique site the way you want it.  You will finally be able to work outside of the restrictions that many other familiar website builders have.  The numerous online editing functions give you access to a variety of design elements.  You can add text, pictures, videos, animations, contact forums, Google maps, social networking icons, links and more.  Within the hour you will have your own free website the way you want it.
Seminar Outline

Welcome and Introduction

Setting up your account

Deciding what you will use your site for

Choosing a layout

            Customizing and formatting your site

            Sharing one another's unique and innovative creations  

If there is time

Jack Sheehy,
Apr 9, 2011, 11:10 AM