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Learn in a Flash with Quizlet 

Presenter: Kelly Johnson     Assistant: Jack Sheehy
Session: 3                           Room: 


Let’s face it, in every subject area students are confronted with the task of familiarizing themselves with and learning technical vocabulary, formulas, or definitions. Quizlet, the digital flashcard site, is a free, fun, collaborative, and convenient tool for supporting student practice and learning, both in and outside of the classroom. In this workshop, participants will learn about the many unique aspects of Quizlet that make content more accessible for everyone.
Seminar Outline
The session is composed of the following session topics:

- Welcome & Introduction
- Study pre-existing decks of cards **Example: State Capitals**
- Explore the study modes: Familiarize, Learn, Test, Scatter, Space Race
- Create sets of digital flashcards – Example: Physical Geographical Features (and add images)
- Create study groups
- Using cards both in and out of the classroom

If there is time
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