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Presenter Douglas Beavers        Assistant:
Session 3                                    Room: 01


Google Docs is a new Web application that takes away the repetitive tasks of writing and then e-mailing information for teaching, business or personal purposes back and forth, which may include the waiting game, for a response. From any computer, now also with handheld devices, with Internet access, it allows individuals, i.e., teachers, students, business people from different locations to collaborate simultaneously and instantaneously on the same document. Although its modules are primarily word processor, spreadsheet, presentation applications, with an autocorrect function for fixing common typos, it competes with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Today, teaching and business environments are becoming more centered on collaborative undertakings, and Google Docs appears to be used on the go in a changing world.
Seminar Outline

The session will consists of a brief introduction of Google Docs:
· PowerPoint introduction to Google Docs
· Hands-on exercise requiring participants to login using their e-mail addresses
· Simultaneously and collaboratively work through selected exercise—real-time
· Wrap-up with a brief questions and answers session of the learning experience

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