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Google Chrome

Chrome -- Web browser for the digital age 

Presenter Alfonso Morales  Assistant:
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First there was Internet Explorer, then came Firefox, Apple made safari, but now there is Chrome.

So what’s the big deal? Chrome is simple, clear, efficient, and innovative.  It’s designed to make browsing your favorite websites a lot easier and faster.  Not only allowing to you get the information you want and need more quickly, but also allowing to teach this information and plan your class more accordingly. With the Chrome web store you can also add features and apps to your browser that will increase the versatility of education on the web. We will look at all these aspects and relate them to the use in the classroom.

Seminar Outline

-Discussion of web browsing 

-Introduction to Chrome


-Chrome App Store

-Cool Apps

-Sync and WikiHow


You will need a Google Account in order to show you some features on Chrome. Please set one up before the workshop. If you don't have one follow the links below. 

You can learn more about a Google Account here: About Google Account

Please follow this link if you need to set one up: Google Account set up