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Get your class into the cloud: Use Dropbox to help organize your classroom.

: Mathew Sletten    Assistant: Doug Beavers
Session 1                             Room: 10


One of the most time consuming tasks for a teacher is organizing the classroom and communicating with students, parents, and administrators. This seminar will demonstrate how Dropbox can make this task simple and effective. Teachers must regularly explain to parents how his or her son or daughter is progressing, the subject with which the student excels or struggles, and answer questions about the curriculum. In the same way, teachers face administrative pressure to show that students are making adequate progress, demonstrate how he or she is meeting students needs, grade-level standards, and propose what changes should or need to be made in the classroom or with the curriculum. To further complicate matters, what a teacher can or should discuss with a student, parent, or administrator often varies and keeping track of documents or correspondence among the groups can result in an unnecessary time sink. Dropbox offers a customizable central location at which a teacher can communicate with all of these groups with the assurance that each group is seeing what it needs to see in a timely fashion. During this seminar, participants will learn how to set up a classroom Dropbox, how to set the privacy settings, how documents synchronize so that anyone accessing the documents have the most recent version, and examples of how a teacher might use Dropbox to organize information and communicate that information to the right party. 
Seminar Outline

-What is Dropbox and how does it work?

-Effective  communication with a student, parent, or administrator

-Creating and customizing a Classroom Dropbox

-Sharing Dropbox folders
-Files that work with Dropbox

-Practical value and limitations of Dropbox

-Everyday uses of Dropbox

If there is time
-Dropbox on the go: the Dropbox app
Mathew Sletten,
Apr 15, 2011, 10:27 PM