Presenter Bios

Kathy Schrock - Keynote Speaker
Kathy Schrock is the Director of Technology for the Nauset Public Schools on Cape Cod, MA and an adjunct university instructor. Previously a library media specialist, she is very interested in search strategies, evaluation of Internet information, copyright issues, emerging technologies and gadgets, and the embedding of technology to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. Kathy is also an Adobe Education Leader, a Google Certified Teacher, and a Discovery STAR Educator and presents nationally and internationally about technology. She has received numerous awards for her work, including a People's Choice Webby, the ISTE and MassCUE
Making IT Happen Award, the NCTIES Service Learning Award, and has served on the ISTE Board of Directors and worked with the US DOE on educational technology matters.
Marc Bayanogos
Marc Bayangos is a graduate of San Francisco State University's Broadcast department.  He obtained his bachelor of arts degree in "Radio and Television."  In the field, he has have worked and interned at various radio and recording studios.  He is also  DJ (Disc Jockey) and performs nationally and internationally, showcasing the art of "Turntabilism."  Currently, he is involved in after school programing at Ryse in Richmond and Galileo High School in San Francisco teaching the history, culture and technique of the DJ.  He also teaches basic media directions that go along with DJing.  His students partake in live performances, productions, and other educational goals.
Doug Beavers
Doug is a part-time adjunct professor at Laney College in Oakland, California. He teaches various banking courses and brings over 25 years of banking, real estate and military related construction experiences to the classroom. Professor Beavers also holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Management. He is now pursuing a second master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language with a concentration option in Digital Media at University of San Francisco. He discovered his calling while working as a financial center auditor for one of the now defunct major banks. There, under the financial center’s component of quality control of loan documents from inception to final loan approval, his daily duties were to audit for compliance with federal and state guidelines and to monitor adherence to regulatory customer service procedures, which often required giving bank presentations to new and existing employees. Now, after nearing the completion of reinventing himself, he hopes to teach full-time or open a Business English only language school in another country.
Shelwyn Corrigan
Shelwyn Corrigan has a B.A. in French Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, an M.A. in Linguistics from San Jose State University, and certification in Multimedia from San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program. She has taught ESL and EFL in Europe, South America, and at universities in California and New York. Her interests are in teaching pronunciation, academic oral skills, business and computers and the integration of new media in the classroom. She also works as a media consultant and web designer. She has taught ESL at the University of San Francisco since 2001. Shelwyn also does annual teacher training at USF for Jesuit scholastics bound for China. Shelwyn will receive her Master's in Digital Media and Learning in December 2011. Her current passion is making machinima videos in the virtual world of Second Life to use as teaching tools for her students.
Rafael Cazorla
A Spaniard who lives in San Francisco with his wonderful wife and sons, Rafael is a fan of the San Francisco Giants as well as an enthusiast of good soccer. Besides sports, Rafael is a serious devotee of both architecture and education. In addition to working as an architect, Rafael has been a Studio review juror for Architecture at USF, and a Guest lecturer at the University of Seville.  Rafael holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Southern California, and a Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture of the University of Seville in Spain.
Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson is a newcomer to the education field who currently works as a substitute teacher for Pleasanton & Livermore Valley Unified School District.   Kelly recently obtained a Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Supplementary Single Subject Credential in Physical Education through USF’s credential program in 2010.  While completing her student teaching, Kelly realized the benefits and advantages that could come from integrating technology in the classroom which led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Digital Media & Learning.  Kelly received her BS in Kinesiology from California State University, Hayward in 2005.  Her long-term goal is to become a full time educator who can make learning more relevant and meaningful to students so that they want to become lifelong learners.


Hanna Lu
Hanna Lu works as a Technology Support Specialist at University of San Francisco, School of Law for the past 4 years. She delivers technology skill trainings for the staff and faculty frequently. She got her first Masters degree in Computer-Based Instruction from University of Iowa 20 some years ago when Macintosh II with 9" black and white screen and 40 MB hard drive was the deluxe model of the day. T he great leap forward in technology in recent years motivated her to go back to school and entered the Digital Media & Learning program at USF.  After she graduates from the program this year, she hopes to use her newly acquired skills to bridge the digital
divide among the economically and socially disadvantaged groups.

Alfonso Morales 
Alfonso got his B.A. at UCLA with a double major in History and Chicano/a studies. He is currently finishing up his Masters in Digital Media and Learning at USF. He has worked as a substitute teacher for the South San Francisco Unified School District, teaching all subjects for grades 6-12.  He currently worked at the CLICC lab at UCLA as the Student Administrative Technology Assistant for the main computer lab at the main library on campus. Here he has also tutored and taught groups of his peers and students and run various workshops for different software that is offered there.  He is very interested in technology and how exciting it can be to incorporate it in the classroom. 

Jack Sheehy
A native San Franciscan who now is in his fourth year teaching Mathematics in the San Francisco Unified School District.  He obtained a B.A. in Mathematics from Gonzaga University in 2007.  Now he is working toward a Masters in Digital Media and Learning at USF.  While in the credentialing program in his first few years of teaching Jack began to value technology as a tool with which the students of today are already so familiar.  Now he is learning and practicing different tools he can implement within his own classroom.
Mathew Sletten
New to San Francisco, Mat moved here from Chicago to pursue a Masters in Digital Media and Learning at USF. Originally from Minnesota, Mat obtained his B.A. in English and Philosphy from St. John's University. Since 2005, Mathew has been working with McGraw-Hill Education STEM as a digital product development Editor. He first became interested in educational technology while visiting classrooms, researching copyright updates, especially as technology would assist in curriculum organization and classroom and lesson planning.. Currently, Mat is working on a a digital curricula for Everyday Mathematics, including interactive whiteboard lessons and digital math tools.
Dr. Joy Lopez

Joy remembers the horrible basic computer programming course she took at Cal Poly, SLO back in the “dark days”. At the time she thought, “Technology is for geeks”. Now Dr. Lopez holds both a MA and Ed.D. in Educational Technology, works daily to ensure the technology is seamlessly integrated into the lives of teachers and students, and embraces her geekiness. Dr. Lopez has helped several schools design and begin one-to-one laptop programs, designed and taught online courses for high school and college students, and lectures regarding Internet safety and harassment. Currently she is the Director of Technology at Sacred Heart High School in Atherton, CA. and an adjunct professor in the DML program at USF.