Overcoming Barriers to Integrate Technology into the School Library Media Center

In today’s schools, the expectation to implement technology comes from all sides.  Administrators, parents, students and even the federal government have begun advocating for meaningful use of digital tools in the classroom.  While many teachers, librarians and other educators have embraced these expectations, others are prevented from incorporating technology due to a number of barriers, including lack of resources or limited institutional support.  With careful planning, however, librarians can overcome some of these barriers and circumvent others in order to create a vibrant curriculum supported by meaningful technology use. This meaning comes from a careful alignment to standards, curricular goals and 21st century skills. This website explores the benefits of incorporating digital tools into the library and what an ideal technology plan might look like.  As most educators do not work within a perfect world, however, the website will also examine barriers that might inhibit technology use.  Finally, practical ways to surmount these barriers are explored.  While this is applicable to all educators, it is primarily intended for use by the K-12 school library media specialist. 

Through this website, school librarians will form a better understanding of technology use in schools and in the library media center and become better prepared to implement meaningful technology use in their schools and libraries. 

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Benefits of Technology

A Perfect Tech World

Barriers to Integrating Technology

Overcoming Obstacles



This website was created by Laurie Conley, the media specialist at Whittier Elementary School in Oak Park, Illinois. The website is intended to fulfill the requirements for the Certificate of Advanced Study from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois and was created in 2010. Please feel free to email me at LaurieConley21@yahoo.com with comments or questions.