Symbol & Dialogue & Dialect

Dialogue: some important quotes from the story                                                   
Chapter 1- "Im tired of remembering"  -Hannah
Hannah's/Chaya's Saying- "It's not fair!" -Hannah/Chaya
Chapter 3- "Do you think there was order back in the camps?" -Grandpa Will
Chapter 3- "A sacrifice unasked is so much the greater" - Grandpa Will
Chapter 3-"Open it for Elijah!"- Aaron
Chapter 10- "Do not say a word child." -Gitl
Chapter 12- Now you are J197241. remember it." -Barber
Chapter 19- "I remember, oh I remember."  -Hannah
Dialect: Some Jewish Translations
Da-yaynu, Da-yaynu  -The Dayenu song (it would have been enough)
Shmatte -Rag
yarmulkes -shirts
bourch dayan emes -Chosen Yesterday
Symbols: The meaning of symbols from the story
5 pointed star -Jewish Star
numbers tattooed on arms  -numbers and letters explaining a jew, greek, or person of lower class
 Symbol- A person, place, thing, or event used to represent something else.
Dialogue- the words that characters speak.
Dialect- A form of language that is spoken in a particular place or by a particular group of people.