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  • mod_customsteps_v_1.1.0.zip   8k - Sep 11, 2010, 11:35 PM by Saravanan Dorai (v1)
    ‎Joomla Module for Generation of Customizable steps which is fully customizable and auto trackable.‎
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This is an extension that I happened to write to suit the needs of the developers who may need to handle the development of the sites where there are several steps.

This extension [module] is useful for creating a four step process like : get started -> choose -> design -> take home.

This module functions by creating four linkable buttons [styled div's] so that when we click on them, they may be taken to another page or so and the module takes care of tracking in which you belonged to during this process. This is taken care of and developers do not need to worry about the burden to handle the tracking of steps.

Module is available for download from here

The demo of this module is available here

Hope this module is self-explanatory. In case of any queries, do address it to me here