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The Detail Guyz Mobile was established back in 2005 by Tyson Sanchez. As a young strong minded worker, he started his business while working as a detailer for BMW of Maui. Using his knowledge, some equipment, and a Ford pickup truck he quickly began working at establishing his mobile service.

" We keep it small, and keep things simple. We are family owned and operated. We are a father and son team working to do everything we can to keep our customers happy with the service that we provide "

We have been detailing for over 8 years, and have used many different products to ensure that we are using top notch products to aid us in keeping your investment protected from the harsh elements of todays enviorment. No two cars are alike. All the manufacturers use different types of paint and clear coat for vehicles which is why we like to look at the vehicle before we start to go over any concerns that the customer may have along with ourselves. 

What's unique about The Detail Guyz Mobile?  Convenience being number one on the list. We come to your home or work and service your vehicle on the spot. No more dropping your car off for hours on end and having to get a ride to and from. We take care of your vehicle in front of you for your comfort, and convenience. We want you to see the process as your vehicle transforms into a piece of art. We are all about the Aloha.

We Welcome Everyone. Big Accounts or Small.

Thank You Maui

"The Detail Guyz"

-Tyson Sanchez-

-Eddie Sanchez-