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Simply spoken. We at The Detail Guyz strive to be perfectionist, from our customer service, down to our knowledge and care for your vehicle. No one can detail a car with our care, skill or enthusiasm. You'll be sure to get personalized service, along with great work quality.

Automobiles can cost as much as a down payment on a small apartment or house, yet lose their value quickly if improperly cared for. Maintaining your vehicles condition in our extreme environment not only keeps your vehicle looking good, but also ensures that it will be protected and last for many years to come.

Every time a car is washed with a bucket and sponge  there is a risk that microscopic grains of dirt and particles are being rubbed into the gleaming paint, causing swirl marks and marring (small scratches). The harsh elements of Hawaii make caring for a vehicle that much harder. The sun takes a toll on your cars finish if it isn't properly waxed & sealed. The ash from sugar cane burning, the bird droppings, and the hard sprinkler water are just a few elements that could ruin your paint finish, not to mention the salt spray, and the harsh automatic car washes. That's why we are here, to care for your vehicle in every way.

The Detail Guyz work hard to Protect your investment: regular treatments will preserve the quality of your car's paint, ensuring that depreciation is kept to a minimum whether you decide to keep or sell your vehicle. It also helps you avoid having to repaint your vehicle, saving you thousands of dollars.

There's nothing like a showroom fresh finish for your automobiles Paintwork.

Let Us how You What We Can Offer. Don't Make The Judgment On Your Car & If It Can Be Brought Back to Life.


We are committed to providing top notch service to each and every customer. My workmanship, knowledge and commitment to using safe and effective products as well as methods will always remain my #1 goal.

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