Welcome to the District of Columbia College Personnel Association webpage.  Review our site for information and resources for student affairs administrators in the DC Metro area by using the links above.

DCCPA, a state division of ACPA™, promotes the professional development of college student educators and higher education professionals within the District of Columbia and the metropolitan area.

DCCPA is dedicated to educators at all levels of experience and across functional areas and will:

A. Provide leadership to college student educators and higher education professionals in the District of Columbia and the metropolitan area.

B. Familiarize college student educators and higher education professionals with best practices and current trends leading to productive change and enhanced student learning.

C. Promote and provide professional development opportunities among members concerning higher education and student affairs issues, legislation, research, programming, and the international associations.

D. Serve as a leader for collaborations and connections between higher education professionals and college student educators in the District of Columbia and the metropolitan area.

E. Promote student affairs as a career to undergraduate and graduate students in the DC metropolitan area.


Welcome to DCCPA!

It has been an exciting year for DCCPA, and we are looking forward to an eventful spring semester! In the coming semester, DCCPA will be undergoing some changes (see below) that will ultimately aid us in our mission to unite and educate professionals in the DC Metro Area.  

After soliciting feedback from current DCCPA members and past Executive Board members, the 2014-2015 DCCPA Executive Board has made the decision to become an Internal Chapter of ACPA, College Student Educators International. As DCCPA moves forward with the affiliation process, the current Executive Board will continue to keep members informed of how this may affect membership and organizational practices – including revisions that may need to be made to the DCCPA By-Laws.

As DCCPA moves forward with this process, we also encourage current DCCPA members to consider how both our organization and individual professionals will benefit from becoming an internal chapter and a member of ACPA, respectively (listed below). Please contact the DCCPA Executive Board (infodccpa@gmail.com) if you have any questions about this decision. Thank you!

·        ACPA absorption of PayPal fees for conference registration

·        Access to ACPA membership lists

·        Decreased administrative work around taxes, finances, record keeping, and technology

·        Access to ACPA liability insurance

·        Discounted attendance at ACPA events

·        Access to ACPA publications

·        Access to ACPA career resources

·        ACPA maintains web presence

·        Decreased ACPA rate for members

·        Members have access to personal liability insurance