Davis Golf Club Meeting Minutes

posted Feb 1, 2017, 7:08 PM by Michael Pappa   [ updated Aug 8, 2017, 10:58 AM ]

Davis Golf Club Board of Directors

July 7, 2017

Meeting called to order @ 5:06 p.m.

Present: Pappa, Muller, Chase, Morris, Towne, Peterson, Bello

Minutes from the June meeting were accepted as amended.

Tournament Report: Reviewed the June tournaments cash-in/payout amounts. The upcoming July thru August tournaments were discussed. Format for the Red Francisco tournament will be a 2 person Scramble on the 1st day and 2 person Shamble on the 2nd, total net score.  The report was accepted.

Handicap Report: The Handicap Chairman participated in the 2017 USGA Handicap Assessment in June. Several players failed to post after playing in a DGC tournament in June with 1member receiving a penalty score. Discussion centered on establishing a penalty policy for players who fail to post. USGA recommends a penalty for every failure to post. No change at this time to address this ongoing problem. The report was accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: The July 1st balance is $4,762.75 with a total membership of 197. The report was accepted.

Rules Report: No issues.

DGCM Report: April 1st balance is $1,635.00

VP: No report.

Old Business: Continued discussion on compensation for a replacement player who advances with the team that qualifies for the NCGA Zone; still no decision on this issue. 

There was a motion that assigns the responsibility to find a replacement player on the winning team, not the Tournament Director. Motion passed 7-0,

New Business: Discussion on how to calculate a handicap for a team in a 4 Person Scramble tournament when only 3 players of a team show up for play.

A motion was made: The 3 players who do show up for play in a 4 Person Scramble tournament will be able to play with a team handicap calculated using the following handicaps: The lowest handicap of the 3 players in the group will be counted twice, then added to the other 2 players handicaps providing 4 handicaps to be multiplied by 20%.  There will be a minimum of  5 drives used by each player. Motion passed 6-0 with 1 abstention.

Meeting adjourned 6:28pm

Next meeting August 2, 2017