1st Annual Davis Golf Club vs Wild Horse - Davis Cup

posted Jun 24, 2018, 11:28 AM by Michael Pappa
The 1st annual Davis Golf Club vs Wild Horse Golf Club was played on June 16th at Wild Horse and the second round was played at Davis Golf Course on June 23rd.

Wild Horse held a 17 stroke lead after the first round.  June 23rd the Davis Golf Club made a come back and won the event.

June 16th                                                           June 23rd

Wild Horse     -     945                                        Wild Horse     -     1048                    total    -    1993

Davis Golf Club    -    962                                  Davis Golf Club    -     1005              total    -    1967

The perpetual plaque will be displayed at Davis Golf Course.

Thank you to Wild Horse Golf Club and their participates.

Congratulations to Davis Golf Club.