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Hey everybody! Welcome to The Darners' Fan Club Web Site.

As you may have heard, we were recently signed to Grimtale Records for the vinyl release of our latest EP, Here Come The Darners! The regular edition on Clown Blue Vinyl can be purchased here: http://www.grimtalerecords.com/products/copy-of-grim021-the-darners-variant-regular-bundle-7-60-copies

The limited edition (100 copies, sold out in less than 40 minutes!) was pressed on "Electric Holiday" random color vinyl with alternate artwork designed, screen printed, and hand numbered by none other than Eric Von Munz.

There were also a handful of records made by Wax Mage Records, of which two variants were produced: "Popped Balloon" and "Water-Spraying Clown Flower." Good luck tracking down a copy, though!