The Dark Red Recruitment

Want to use your powers to destroy and distribute a myriad of miseries on the human world? Tired of all those Light Blue Universals blabbing about love and life and happiness? Then you've come to the right web address. Why fight against the darkness growing within you, when you can't win? Rules do not exist in the Dark; they are merely used as our rusty playground. 
Interested in joining the Dark Red? Recruiters are coming to a local city near you.

The Process:
  1. Sign a contract in the presence of the Dark Red Council or Dark Red Leader
  2. Seal your contract with an oath:
                From hereon, I serve the Dark Red. Until eternity ends, I am here to live out the goals and desires of the Dark.

Have you seen?:
Serina Calaway
    Power: Elemental manipulation, energy blasts, and death inducement.
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