Oliver-Case in English

... Oliver must live without his mom since his violent aduction to Denmark on April 4, 2012
... Oliver already is being kept as a political hostage by the Danish state

Denmark has demonstrably not complied with the rules of the Hague Convention, the Child Protection Convention, the Istambul Convention as well as Danish and international law and has severely violated Oliver´s and his mothers Human Rights and Fundamental Rights since 2010 and still is violating their rights. The Oliver-Case is by no means a single case in Denmark.

The horrible result of child abuse and violence against children and women in Denmark 
Traumatized children and powerless mothers

Meeting von Marion und Oliver in DK

„One Picture is Worth A Thousand Words“


The videos show what is the "best for the child" in the eyes of Danish judges.  

  • How will a boy who has learned from his "father", at the age of only 5 years how to commit violence against a woman and himself develop? 
  • Which consequences will it have for a boy´s vision of what is right and what is wrong? 
  • Why do Danish authorities "allow" violence towards children and women - without any kind of consequences?
  • Why are legally convicted men who either have comitted violence to children and women, kidnapped a child or even have murdered the mother of the children receive custody for the children in Denmark?
  • Why get perpetrators rewarded by Danish authorities, while the children have to suffer?

The Oliver case is by no means a single case

„Many Danes will say that the Oliver case is an "individual case" and cannot be discussed. This is misleading. The point is not a single case such as the Oliver case but the indisputable fact that Danish authorities notoriously violate fundamental rights - not only in many parents' and children's cases, but also with regard to freedom of speech, fair working conditions, discrimination and others. Many Danes themselves have experienced such a violation of their rights but keep quiet about it (except private mails that they do not want to become known) because they know that even more of their rights will be violated if they dare speak up.
I have several hundred mails confirming this state of affairs. I think it is important and necessary to talk about this - and so do many people who officially or inofficially thanked me for my courage to talk openly about the scandalous situation.

This case is only the tip of a very big iceberg.

We must fight together against racism, corruption, violations of children rights and violations of human rights committed by police, authorities, courts and governments!

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Facts of the case of the kidnapped Austrian Oliver Benjamin Weilharter (born on 27/12/2006)

Violent kidnapping of the little Boy Oliver from Austria to Denmark on April 3th 2012

On April 3th 2012 Oliver is brutally kidnapped by his Danish father and accomplices in front of his kinder-garden. The accomplice is holding me back, so that she has no chance of helping her son and the father takes Oliver and put´s him in the running car in the middle of the road. 
Both I and Oliver are screaming. 

Oliver has been living in Austria for more then 21 month, his life, his friends and his family are here. He has been traumatized by his father who is very aware of that he is hurting his son. This he also knows from the report from a child psychologist. The report was made for the Austrian court and the father “promised” in court on January 13th , that he would never take away Oliver from me, his primary caretaker, knowing the consequences for his son. 

In Danish TV the father is presented as a hero and he himself states that Oliver has been smiling and happy when being abducted, and very happy to finally be “at home” in Denmark again. Please read the statement of the witness- it has not been a “happy kidnapping” where the mom has only been a little bit “scared” like Mr. Thomas Nørregaard Sørensen present´s it!

Violent Child Abduction and Statement of the Danish Authorities

The Danish Ministry of Social Affairs statement from 16th of April this 2012 with the statement of the Appeals Board regarding Oliver´s brutal abduction on 3rd of April 2012 by his Danish father show´s that the general analysis of the case has some shortcomings, which are essential in general. And they are highly significant in the present case, described at the bottom of Appeals Board Review.
  • On April 3, 2012 Oliver was kidnapped by his Danish father and with the help of at least one unknown accomplice (or with the help of Abp Worldgroup ??), forcibly taken from the car of his mother and kidnapped from Austria to Denmark.
  • The police were involved and appropriate steps as for example a European arrest warrant for Thomas Nørregaard Sørensen (file number 19 St 78/12b) was issued immediately.
  • This led on April 10, 2012 to the application for the return of Oliver according to the Hague Convention and the Child Protection Convention.
  • Since then Oliver talks to his mother very rarely, if at all and is rated most severely traumatised according to assessment and expert opinion of the calls and videos seen by various specialists as their final statements.
  • On April 14, 2012 the mother is “unofficially” informed by a Danish government official, that she should withdraw her request for the return of Oliver, as she anyway does not have any chance!
  • Denmark has signed the Hague Child Abduction Convention on July 1, 1991 and on the Child Protection Convention on October 1, 2011.
  • The 6-weeks rule of the Hague Convention was not respected by Denmark since only on June 20, 2012 the summons for the main hearing had been issued; this without any indication of the cause; in an additional letter it was described as a „Trial regarding visitation“ (" Samvaer "). First after repeated inquiries by the mother it was finally called a "child abduction case."
  • On September 4, 2012 the first hearing takes place; on September 6, 2012, there is the second Day of the "first trial". The Danish enforcement court for 2 days held a trial, in the sense of "child custody matter" despite the fact that it actually is a child kidnapping case. The job of a Danish enforcement court is only to decide whether something is "enforced" or not. The "Retsassessorin" (she is not a judge!) did not have the right to examine the background to the trial, she had only the right to execute the application under the Hague Child Abduction Convention. If the "Retsassessorin" would have had the opinion that the request for the return of Oliver after the Hague Convention was groundless, she would have been obliged to transfer the causality back to the civil court.
  • On September 5, 2012, the mother of the child had a chance to see Oliver for a few minutes. Oliver acted most severely traumatised, and according to assessments he is now back to an infant's state and behaviour.
  • On September 26, 2012 - judgement in the criminal case against Mr. Sörensen (for the child-kidnapping) file number 4 Hv 109/12g.
  • On December 19, 2012 – the Decision from the Supreme Court in Austria (OGH - 6Ob 217/12y) confirms the international jurisdiction /competence of the Austrian Courts and the international Custody of the mother.
  • On December 21, 2012 the Danish Oestre Regional Court rejects a return of Oliver to his mother, on the basis of a majority vote. This despite the fact that one judge clearly confirms that Oliver has been kidnapped by Thomas Thomas Nørregaard Sørensen and that Oliver has to be returned to his habitual residence in Graz, Austria.
  • On January 9, 2013 the international custody certificate is issued confirms that the mother has had and still has the custody of the son)
The consequences of the brutal kidnapping and the serious trauma Oliver has been exposed to you can hear and see in following sequence, a phone-conversation between Oliver and his mother BEFORE the kidnapping and a phone-conversation only 7 weeks AFTER the kidnapping:


Summary of a short extract of the illegal state actions, committed by Danish judges and government officials, in the "Oliver Case":

MAY 2010 until JULY 2010
Oliver´s and his mothers worst nightmare started in 2010 when the Danish "Statsforvaltning" (Jugendamt) illegally kept their meetings with the Danish father secret from the mom. Mrs. Dorthe Joost and Mrs. Jette R Røgild have been part of these illegal state actions.
Danish authorities alleged that neither the father nor them have known that the mother would move to Austria. This is incorrect. 
A document from May 6, 2010 proofs their knowledge of the legal move of the mother to Austria. 

On July 22, 2010 
an orginial paper in regards about a personal request made by the father in "Statsforvaltningen" is issued. During the processing of the case, most likely in Ocober 2010, a replacement for the original paper is "produced" in Denmark. Mrs. Jette Lützhøft, is according to the paper the person in charge of this and the content of the writing is changed to the detriment of Oliver and his mom and to the advantage of the legally convicted kidnapper.

On July 30, 2010 
Mrs. Stinna Rode and Mrs. Maria Jandrup Jensen from the Danish Family Affairs Department and Statsforvaltningen, confirm that the mother has the sole custody and that her move to Austria was no child-abduction. In the same letter though, they instruct the father on how to get custody retrospectively and how to herby retrospectively being able to criminalize the mother. 

On August 24, 2010 
Danish "Statsforvaltningen", Mrs. Gisela Bay transferred the custody of an Austrian child, temporarily to the father without having the legal jurisdiction to do so. Oliver was logged out from the Danish register on July 17, 2010 and has his legal habitual residence in Austria.

A Danish court confirmed on September 7, 2010 the legal move of the mom, her sole custody as well as that there was no ongoing custody case, as well as that the mom did not have to inform anyone about her move. 

JUNE 2011
Oliver´s mom appealed the illegal decision from December 22, 2010, but also the Danish high court, did ignore the facts, Danish law as well as children´s rights and confirmed the decision made by the District court without ever seeing the child, on June 17, 2011. Judge Jens Kruse MikkelsenJudge Birgitte Lundblad and Judge Niels Boesen, ignore Danish law as well as international law, Oliver´s and his mother´s rights by confirming the illegal decison of the district court and by ignoring all the evidence as well as the best interest of the child been violated. 

APRIL 2012
The Danish father then took this decision as an excuse for "having the right" to kidnap Oliver, who at that time had almost lived for two years in Austria, violently and with the help of several accomplices. After living for almost 5 and a half years with his mom, Oliver was ripped away from everything he had ever known as well as from his primary caregiver and has been "transported" to Denmark to live with a man he had never lived with before. 
Oliver´s kidnapper totally ignored the child- experts report which stated how much damage and trauma it would do to Oliver to be separated from his mother. Since the day of the kidnapping on April 3, 2012 the kidnapper is doing everything to alienate and brainwashi Oliver from his mom. No form of contact has been made possible between Oliver and his mom.

Several Danish judges have violated the rules of the Hague Convention when handling the kidnapping case about Oliver´s return.
Court-assessor Mrs. Christina Munk Fog ignored the rules of the Hague Convention completely and the court meeting in the Enforcement-Court took first place 5 months after the brutal kidnapping, instead of the 6 weeks, requested by the Hague Agreement. 

On September 21, 2012 Court-assessor Mrs. Christina Munk Fog refused to return Oliver to his habitul residence in Austria by even allegging that Oliver would have never moved his residence from Denmark to Austria. Despite several Danish as well as Austrian rulings and documents, which proofed the contrary, she stated that "in her opinion" the mom would have had to return the child into the fathers custody - a custody which is invalid, as it was transferred illegally and without jurisdiction. That the mom did not even violate anyone´s custody was shortly after also confirmed by first, the Danish State-attorney and then by the Danish "Rigsadvokaten" which is the highest office in Denmark in these regards.  Court-assessor Mrs. Christina Munk Fog ignored all evidence, also the evidence of the damage which was caused by the trauma of the violent kidnapping as well as the court expert report made by Dr. Willmann.

On December 21, 2012, two of the three judges of the High Court, Mr. Linde Jensen and Mr. Dennis H. K. Jakobsen, also refused to return Oliver, by just confirming Court-assessor Mrs. Christina Munk Fog´s illegal decision and by ignoring both the facts, several conventions, Oliver´s and his mothers rights, as well as the decision of the Danish State-attorney.

Only because of the illegal state actions committed by above mentioned government officials and the incorrect handling of the Hague-case by the above mentioned court-assessors and judges, Oliver still has to live with his violent abuser in Denmark.

More than 2 years have passed since the violent kidnapping committed by several violent men and all contact between Oliver and his mom has been denied. 
This despite a UN decision from July 9, 2013 which states that the State Party of Denmark has to give Oliver´s mom access to her son as well as that the saftey of the child has to be ensured. Despite repeated requests made by the mother and a reminder sent by the UN, no access has been granted and no what so ever contact has made possible by Danish authorities. 

Kudos to the honorable judge and human rights expert, Jon Fridrik Kjølbro who decided according to the law and according to international conventions and ordered Oliver to be immediately returned to his mom in Austria already on December 21, 2012. 
He has been the only person in Denmark which has been trying to do the right thing and handled in Oliver´s best interest.  
Unfortunately this has not been enough to give Oliver back his freedom and his mother.  
Please find the wellfounded decision from the honorable judge, Mr.Jon Fridrik Kjølbro - now judge at the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, here: Decision Jon Fridrik Kjølbro - English

Austrian courts had legal jurisdiction for Oliver since July 2010, but Danish authorities proceeded anyhow and the Danish district court, illegally transferred the custody of Oliver on December 22, 2010 to the Danish father. Court-assesor Mrs. Annette Maarberg violated both Oliver´s and his mothers human rights and the law in several points. She transfered custody to a person the child had never lived with, the father had no what so ever legal foundation to be able to receive custody according to Danish law, she ignored the best interest of the child and all the evidence and based her decision on the fathers false information. It was her duty to inform the father that the court is not able to handle the case, as the court had no jurisdiction, but she accepted the case and proceeded in favour of the Danish citizen. 

Comments and facts concerning the Judgment from December 21, 2012 

2012-12-21 Presseinfo in english.pdf

Short version of the Oliver Case 

I am the mother of the Austrian citizen Oliver Benjamin Weilharter, born on December 27, 2006. I have the international sole custody of my child since his birth and I have had and still have uninterrupted international sole custody of my son Oliver since his birth. 
I was at no time married to the Danish father and had not lived with him for more than 3 years when Oliver and I moved back to Austria on July 17, 2010.

My son, Oliver, was violently kidnapped almost 4 (!) years ago, on April 3, 2012 in front of his kindergarten in Austria, by my Danish ex-boyfriend and several accomplices. 
One of those men was holding me back so that I was not able to help and protect my child. 

My Danish ex-boyfriend was later convicted for kidnapping and violence in Austria (October 9, 2013 final decision, no appeal possible). 
Danish authorities ignored in 2012 the international arrest warrant on my Danish ex-boyfriend, which was issued by the Austrian Police right after my ex-boyfriend and his accomplices violently kidnapped Oliver to Denmark. 

In my case Danish authorities violated each and every convention signed by them, as well as Danish law, among those are the Hague Convention, the Child Protection Convention, the Charta of Fundamental Rights as well as Oliver´s and my Human Rights (e.g.article 8 -right to family-life, article 6- right to a fair trial,...).

It has been almost two years and Danish authorities have not complied with the Hague Convention or returned my son to Austria, and I have had no contact with Oliver. 
Denmark has repeatedly ignored a UN decision (July 9, 2013) which states that the State Party of Denmark has to give me access to my child as well as Denmark has to ensure the safety and security of my child. 
Both has not happened and my child has until this day not gotten any psychological help either.

Danish authorities have done nothing to ensure contact and visitation between me, who has always been Oliver´s primary caregiver and who Oliver always has lived with until the brutal kidnapping. 
They are completely passive when it comes to information and orientation about my child, as well as they do nothing to ensure that Oliver has the possibility to have Skype or phone contact with me. 

They do nothing about the kidnapper blocking all contact between Oliver and me. 
They do nothing about the severe Parental Alienation and the severe child abuse. 

As several specialist have confirmed already in 2012 – only a few months after the violent kidnapping, my son Oliver has suffered a severe trauma as well as he is showing all signs of regression and neglect (if needed all Expert Reports can be forwarded to the court- inclusive video material and pictures who show the severe damage of my child). 
This though has been ignored by Danish authorities until this day.

When I have been visiting Denmark on June 20 and 21, 2013 (I only did that, because I felt that I would be more safe during those two days, as the Delegation of the European Parliament was in Denmark at the same time and Danish authorities would maybe not dare to harm me or act illegally when being in the spotlight of the international media) and tried to visit my son, I have been threatened by Danish police and they even told me that I should not “try to kidnap my child“, which they alleged I wanted to do when standing outside of the place my son allegedly lived at, just standing there with presents for my child in my hands!

It has to be mentioned that also my parents, Oliver´s grandparents have despite several attempts never been allowed to see their grandson, when they tried to see him in Denmark and also they have been threatened by the kidnapper who said that the Danish police would arrest them- he allegedly had the police on the phone and according to him he has the full support of the Danish police. I have been denied my rights as a mother to information and orientation about Oliver by Danish authorities since the violent attacks. 
I am not able to go and see my own child in Denmark due to constant threats. I have reported them to the Austrian Police, when receiving e.g. an SMS. 

In 2010, short time after Oliver and I had moved completely legally to Austria, Danish police even arrested me in September 2010, when I was visiting Denmark, this only because of false reports from my Danish ex-boyfriend. 

I had to stay in the worst jail in Copenhagen for one day – I had no lawyer and no interpreter. 
The next day when the court-hearing was taking place, I was introduced to a lawyer which the state had appointed to me and which I had no chance to speak with before the hearing- I had never seen him before, no interpreter was present here either. 

According to my legal knowledge this is a severe human rights violation. Also the fact that I was denied to get information about the accusations against me, is a severe violation of my rights. 
I did not even know what the court-meeting was about. The police-man who interrogated me the day before the court-meeting did only talk about all the lies my ex-boyfriend had filled him with and when I requested to see the alleged statement made by my ex-boyfriend I was told that I have no right to see those case-files. 

The judge in this case confirmed on September 7, 2010 that I have not violated any laws, that I was free to go. He even confirmed that the custody case in Denmark had started on July 22, 2010 - AFTER Oliver and I had moved to Austria. 

In our case, Danish authorities have fabricated various documents and then for example replaced the original. They have even hidden documents from their own Danish judges to help the ethnically Danish man. I have proof for all of that. 

The Danish Central Authority has even sent a request according to the European Convention (ESÜ) to Austrian authorities without the necessary court order for it. This request was personally filled out by the Danish father, alleging that Oliver is a Danish citizen, which he is not according to Danish law. 
Oliver is born Austrian citizen according to Danish law and only the holder of the sole custody, me, can sent in an application for the Danish citizenship. I never did. 
Later the same employee of the Danish Central Authority had to testify in the Austrian court and he confirmed that there was no court order to support the request he had sent to Austria. This employee of the Danish state explained his wrongdoing with, that he was not obligated - “that it was not his duty“ - to check if the request contained all the correct information and legal foundation needed. 
Danish authorities do everything to hide and legalize the crimes my Danish ex-boyfriend and Danish authorities have committed towards Oliver and me since 2010.

My Danish ex-boyfriend with Danish authorities, the Danish media, have for more than three years continued to hunt me and defame me. In fact the Danish authorities have retrospectively, illegally and without legal jurisdiction, transferred custody (only in Denmark and not valid) to the Danish father of my child. 
They have hereby not only violated human rights and international law, they have also violated Danish law, when illegally taking my rights away from me in Denmark. 

I face severe reprisals/retaliation for “fighting“ to get my child back and attempting to see my son Oliver after his abduction to Denmark, especially for filing an EU and UN case. 

I will never give up and I know that my son Oliver will be back with me in Austria. 

No country and no authority in the world can be allowed to commit such severe crimes towards children and as in my case to their mother.

Please note that this is only a very little extract of my experiences with Denmark.

The story of the illegal arrest of Marion Olivia Weilharter in 2010 in Denmark

On September 6th 2010 in the morning, Thomas Nørregaard Sørensen (Oliver's father), who has been monitoring my former home since July 2010, storms into the house and asks for Oliver to be handed over to him. First after several requests from me about that he should leave because I am afraid, he finally left the house.
Half an hour later i was arrested by the Danish Police. They search Oliver´s and my former home in Denmark and arrest me. For what, they are not able to explain to me. 
They have no search warrant or court order for my arrest with them. I am informed, that Thomas Nørregaard Sørensen has asked for me to be arrested. From around 11 am to approximately 6.30pm I had to sit at the Police Station from where I then was brought to the worst female jail in Copenhagen.
I got until next day after the court meeting, at Helsingör Court nothing to eat and was treated like the worst criminal. I only got offered some water and a piece of candy by the police officer questioning me. After that, when arriving in jail a female officer who, what I am certain of was a Lesbian (which I under normal circumstances have no problem with), made me take off all my cloth and made a complete body search. After that she left the room and she and another officer made bad jokes about me and my belongings, they did not stop doing that when I made it clear that I could hear all of that. 
This was an extreme assault on my person and I will never forget that day.

The same day two of my friends visited Mr. Thomas Nørregaard Sørensen at his home to ask him if he really wants the mother of his son to be in jail.
After acknowledging that he obviously enjoyed the fact that I'm in jail, they walked away from him disgusted.

On September 7th 2010 the Police picks me up at jail and drives me to Court in Helsingör about lunchtime. The judge confirms in his judgement that the custody case had started on July 22nd 2010 and that I had left the country with my son completely legally as I had sole custody and it was my right to relocate in my home-country with Oliver. I was free to go and went back to Austria, where Oliver was waiting.

Among other things, the scope of travelling to Denmark in September 2010 was to attend a meeting with a real estate broker on September 7th 2010 at 11am. As I was in jail at that time, I had no chance to cancel or attend the meeting. This had extreme financial consequences on Oliver´s and my future, as we still have to pay for the house which therefore stays empty and could not be sold. Because of the ongoing persecution by Thomas Nørregaard Sørensen and the Danish authorities it has not been possible for me to ever go back to Denmark without having to fear for my life and freedom.
So I never did - my son would not have a mother any more.

Despite that I have informed Danish authorities since the end of July 2010 that they have no competence to handle the case they ignored it and have simply avoided to confirm their competence with a judgement (by judicious). The only reason for that is, that they simply never have been competent and they have been aware of that.

Danish authorities make fast process with the foreigner and subsequent perversion of justice is what is the result. (Schnellverfahren und nachträgliche Rechtsbeugung).

It starts in Statsforvaltningen and ends in Family- Court. But every Danish authority involved in the case is using their power against the foreign parent.

On December 21st 2011 there is again a court meeting in Denmark in which Thomas Sörensen wants them to issue an „arrest in absence“ order and an international arrest order for me. My defence lawyer objects. On December 23rd 2011 Country Court in Denmark rejects to arrest me in absence and to issue an international arrest warrant. The persecution of me by the Danish authorities and Oliver´s father has been going on for almost 3 year´s now and it has not stopped yet!

I have never, until this day gotten insight into the records in this case against me! Despite asking for it- the lawyer appointed to her could not send her the requested papers.

On January 2nd 2012 I sends a Letter to the Danish Minister of Justice, Morten Bödskov. I point again out for him that Danish authorities never have been competent to handle the case and that an incorrect information in a Danish decision has to be corrected right away.

On February 24th 2011 Östre Country Court informs me that I has to look for a lawyer and that this lawyer has to send in her comments latest on March 23rd 2011. If not, her appeal, all papers are excluded and the decision will be made without that information. In this danish judgment it is also pointed out that the case raises a number of legal issues, including on jurisdiction.

On April 6th 2011 I was judged with „prison in absentia“ by Helsingör court in Denmark. This decision was objected to right away by my defence lawyer which has been appointed to me on September 6th 2010. 

Östre Landsret (Country Court) decided on April 7th 2011 that they needed more information from police commissar Stine Ruby. She also should explain why she thinks that the case is subordinated Danish jurisdiction and where the crime-scene is to be found.

On April 18th 2011 the Danish Family Affairs Department, now Ankestyrelsen, sends a „Threatening Letter“ for me to the Austrian Justice Department. To threaten me with 4 years of prison and an international arrest order, should obviously intimidate me. It was a serious assault on my person and for me a great mental strain. This can only be seen as another favour from the Danish authorities in favour of the Danish citizen and has to be seen as official abuse (Amtsmissbrauch) and subsequent perversion of justice.

On May 24th 2011 the „prison in absentia“ order from the 6th of April 2011, which was objected to right away was finally cancelledd by the Danish Country Court (Östre Landsret). Still it has to be mentioned that Courts are always pointing out that “right now” or at “this time” they are not arresting me, but the danger of that changing, has always to be expected from me. After my and my family´s knowledge of human rights this has to be seen as psychological torture, which now has almost been going on for 3 years. It has at this point already effected the health of my and some family members as well as the financial situation.

On July 8th 2011 the request from the prosecutor and Thomas Sörensen for prison in absence and to issue an international arrest order for me was rejected by the Danish district court in Helsingör. It is also pointed out in the reasoning for the decision, that due to the special situation in the case it is very likely that I get´s permission to bring the Custody Case (decision from 17th of June 2011) in front of High Court.

On July 19th 2011 Östre Country Court rejects to judge me with “prison in absentia.

On December 21, 2011 and December 23, 2011 Mr. Sörensen requests again to try to prosecute me with help of the Danish police.

On March 29th 2012 the next threatening letter from the Danish prosecutor Stinne Ruby is written and send to me. This letter arrives right after the kidnapping of Oliver!

See a complete overview inclusive all documents of the ongoing threats like on May 23, 2012 which is send by Nikolaj Krohn Rasmussen to me again: Diskriminierung von Marion Weilharter durch das Department of Family Affairs


Result of the Court Experts Findings regarding Oliver from the 30th of November 2011

KM= Mother KV= Father MJ= Minor SV= Court Expert

1. Is a return of the child to Denmark compatible with the best interest of the mj Oliver Weilharter? 

The diagnosis results show that the KM, Marion Weilharter, from the hierarchical connection view, currently is the primary caregiver, respectively the caregiver closest to mj is Oliver. (Reference: psychological test results collected: family relationship testing, SURT) 

The care-history shows for the expert, that the KM in the relevant time of connection, that means in the first two years of life, evidently in quantitative terms, has been the main reference and caregiver for the mj Oliver. It is further recognized that the KM because of the factual situation now since the summer of 2010, since the time of the settlement of mj Oliver to Austria to the present time, has been the main reference and the main caregiver for the mj Oliver. 

Out of the expert opinions view it is almost certainly likely that for mj Oliver it results in a child hazard (child's welfare endangerment), if the child is now separated from the KM, and without his former primary caregiver and his considered binding hierarchically first reference person is brought to Denmark. 

The Child hazard (child welfare endangerment/Kindeswohlgefährdung), resulting from the expert opinions vision primarily arises from the fact that the mj Oliver would interpret this as a relationship or bond termination, and it is in the scientific literature represented clearly, that bond or relationship terminations from the main caregiver, is a relevant risk for further psychosocial development of a (young) child. 

The mj Oliver would interpret the separation from the KM quite certainly as personal, great loss, and he would be thereby greatly irritated and at risk.

The mj Oliver would interpret the separation from the KM quite certainly as personal, great loss, and he would be thereby greatly irritated and at risk. 

From the expert opinions vision it is for children between the ages of mj Oliver, who is currently four years and eleven months old, very important to make sure, to be particularly careful that in terms of care and continuity of care, the first and most important person is continuously available, and that it does not come to a discontinuous development in terms of a separation from this important caregiver; especially pre-school children are on this particular very dependent on continuity of care is significant and the undersigned therefore concludes that a return of the child to Denmark, which even would be in connection with a separation of mj . Oliver from his first reference person, currently is not compatible with the best interests of the mj Oliver Weilharter.

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