A New Start

Hello and Welcome to the new home for The Cursed RPG, a free to download pen and paper rpg.  I was talked into putting the game on Google pages rather than Angelfire.  I will compromise, I am putting it both places and having a link to each site.  I hope you all enjoy the game.

But what is the Cursed RPG? Well...

Throughout history they have been called many things. Shamans, medicine men, wise women, witches, wizards, sorcerers, profits, heretics, the Cursed.

The world of the Cursed is the same as our world, the streets are the same, the stores are the same, it�s the characters that are different. The characters were normal once, then they received "the gift." The gift is the ability to sense beyond the normal into the realm of the supernatural. Some can see the world of spirits, others escaped the other world, while some spent years learning control and alter the natural laws. 

The Cursed RPG is a low powered urban fantasy game. Magic isn't real, there are no vampires or werewolves, and here not be monsters. Well, that is what the mass majority want to believe at least. Your character is one of the unfortunate ones who get to learn the truth the hard way. While you play someone capable of wielding great mystical powers, it isn't as good as it sounds. Your character may be more powerful than his mortal ken, he is still the lowest man on the supernatural ladder.

There are variant classes and my first supplement for the game on my angel fire site.  I will eventually get around to putting them here, but until then, if you wish to look them over the address for the site is: http://thecursedrpg.angelfire.com/index.html

Looks like my Angelfire page died so I will have everything here.  If I get time and think about it I will try to pretty this site up a bit. (Please don't hold your breath waiting.)


The once a week thing kind of died quickly after I started.  Sorry

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