StarLab Planetarium

The StarLab planetarium experience includes pre-programmed movies and demonstrations on a variety of space topics.

  • Day and night
  • Moon phases
  • Solar and lunar eclipses
  • Seasons
  • Northern constellations
  • Southern constellations
  • Planets and moons
  • Dwarf planets

The greatest challenge with the planetarium is finding the right indoor hosting site. The dome is 11 feet tall and needs at least a 22-foot diameter site for floor space, plus access to electricity. Consider a gymnasium, cafeteria, or atrium. Equipment is brought in by cart. Two strong helpers will be needed if stairs must be used to reach the site.

The dome can fit 30-40 people, a combination of adults and children. Participants are expected to sit cross-legged on the floor. The dome can accommodate participants with walkers, wheelchairs, and regular chairs. Please mention any special needs when booking.

The dome is rented courtesy of NewBoCo. Allow at least three weeks between booking and your preferred performance date(s).

Upon arrival, set-up takes around 30 minutes but allow an hour, due to the fickleness of technology. Tear down takes about 30 minutes.

Sessions inside the dome can last from 15 to 45 minutes, but 20 minutes is a good time frame for a prepared lesson and for participant attention spans.

There is a basic 20-25-minute sequence discussing sun, moon, earth, time, atmosphere (or not), and eclipses. Other topics are available upon request.

Before each show, allow 10 minutes for removing shoes (preserving dome fabric) and for discussing expected dome behaviors before entering. After each show, allow 5-10 minutes for putting on shoes and final questions.

Cost: $100 per education hour, including shoes and rules time. Hours can be divided to accommodate multiple groups, but the StarLab is billed by the whole hour.

Travel: $0.50 per mile surcharge added to cost if further than 40 miles round trip from The Curiosity Path.

To book a StarLab planetarium performance, submit a registration form. For questions, please contact us at