Outreach STEAM

STEAM Outreach involve hands-on opportunities for kids to explore the world around them, testing ideas through three or four activities, involving science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Our Outreach Programs are one hour in length. Maximum is 25 students per class. It is preferred to have at least one adult volunteer provided by the site.

Single class cost: $75.00

Additional same-day classes: $60.00 per consecutive program

Travel: $0.50 per mile surcharge added to cost if further than 40 miles round trip from The Curiosity Path.


What’s the Matter?

  • Learn how molecules act in different states, watch how a liquid and solid can form a gas, find out what “Non-Newtonian” means, and play with ice without getting wet!

Air Pressure

  • Air pressure is all around us; find out how it works and helps us daily!

Wacky Weather

  • Ever wonder what clouds are made of? Learn about the water cycle and facts about severe weather.

Sound & Music

  • Make and take a collection of musical instruments from recycles materials to experiment with sound waves.

Light & Shadow

  • Experiment with light, color, eclipses, shadows, refraction, and reflection.


  • Create at least four different flying objects while exploring the four forces that balance for flight to occur.


  • Learn about parts of plants through eating examples of roots, stems, sap, leaves, seeds, flowers, and fruits.

Floods and Suds

  • Get your hands wet and have some good, clean fun exploring surface tension and bubbles. Make a jar of bubble solution and design your own bubble wand to take home for more fun! *Note: This is a messy class. Class can be held indoors or outdoors.

Science of Toys

  • Learn the principles behind classic toys including kendama, spinning tops & gyroscopes, and propellers.

Science of Magic

  • Guess your friends’ birth date with just a few simple clues. Cut a Möbius in two. Walk through a sheet of paper. Is it magic? No, it’s SCIENCE!

Simple Machines

  • Identify the basic building blocks of inventions: inclined plane, wedge, lever, wheel & axle, pulley, and screw.


  • Explore Newton’s Laws of Inertia with catapults and household items.


  • Learn about classifying rocks and minerals and create models of rock types by melting crayon shavings.

Electricity & Magnets

  • Explore a shocking topic! Learn about static and current electricity and how a circuit works. What do magnets and electricity have in common.

And more - Please ask. Contact us at TheCuriosityPath@gmail.com to learn more. To register, fill out the Outreach form.