Outreach Fairs

The Curiosity Path offer 15-30 minute activity sessions for science and learning fairs. Many of the science classes listed in this catalog can be adapted to suit a rotation format.

The Curiosity Path can also participate in fair settings where patrons stop by at the table at their leisure.

Our Outreach Fair events are one hour in length. Maximum is 25 students per class. It is preferred to have at least one adult volunteer provided by the site.

Single class cost: $75.00

Additional same-day events: $60.00 per consecutive program

Travel: $0.50 per mile surcharge added to cost if further than 40 miles round trip from The Curiosity Path.


Travel Spirograph

  • Participants can create art in just a minute or two with handheld kits that use gears to follow the path of a point around an outer circle.

Gears, Gears, Gears

  • Free-play with the Gears, Gears, Gears toy set, creating a system of gears in 2 or 3 dimensions.

Simple Circuits

  • Use SNAP circuits to make fans spin and use Steve Spangler Energy Sticks to create an electrical circuit with your skin.

Tornado Tubes

  • Experiment with two tornado tubes. Learn about air pressure as well as tornado rotation.

Hearts a-Pumping

  • Use a stethoscope to hear your own heartbeat Do ten jumping jacks, then listen again. Try to squeeze a tennis ball 100 times to appreciate how hard your heard works.

Skittles Challenge

  • Experiment on yourself by pinching closed your nose, starting to eat a Skittle, then opening your nose. Is taste alone different than taste plus smell?

Floating Magnets

  • Patrons can experiment with magnets that either attract or repel their neighbor magnets. How do that happen?

Dry Ice

  • Experiment with dry ice, hot water, and soap bubbles. Use dry ice to carbonate apple juice.

And more - Please ask. Contact us at TheCuriosityPath@gmail.com to learn more. To register, fill out the Outreach form.