Badge Labs

(Girl Scouts + Cub Scouts)

Current Scout badge requirements are not designed to be earned in an hour or even a day. The Curiosity Path has designed their badge labs to best assist Scout leaders in helping their Scouts to reach their badge goals.

These activities support current Cub Scout and Girl Scout badges. Each Scout will receive an achievement card to share with leaders, listing which badge requirements were fulfilled. Most badges cannot be fully completed during a session.

Leaders, please carefully read badge descriptions in the handbooks to understand which requirements will be covered.

Students do NOT need to be registered Scouts to reserve Badge Lab classes - activities are open to all.

A minimum of 8 registrations must be received for a class to be held.

Cost: Classes cost $8.00 per Scout. There is no charge for adults. Troops and dens are expected to maintain adult/Scout ratios for their rank/level.

Travel: $0.50 per mile surcharge added to cost if further than 40 miles round trip from The Curiosity Path.


Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries (Tiger)

  • Learn and practice a science-based magic trick, spell sign language and Braille, and create a secret code.

Air of the Wolf (Wolf)

  • Design and enhance a paper airplane and a balloon-powered car. Create and play a musical wind instrument.

Forensics (Bear)

  • Take and analyze fingerprints, learn about chromatography, analyze four mystery powders. Additionally, learn about memory and putting the pieces together.

Art Explosion (Webelos-AoL )

  • Create two self-portraits using two different techniques, create an original logo or design, transfer the design onto an object, and create a mobile using wood, metal, and found/recycled objects.

Outdoor Art Maker (Daisy)

  • Have a Color Race, make a maraca, and draw a Leave No Trace picture to complete this badge.

Home Scientist (Brownie)

  • Explore science principles with household items.

Outdoor Art Creator (Brownie)

  • Make a leaf rubbing, a wind chime, and a tissue paper nature scene.

Bugs (Brownie)

  • Learn about the parts of an insect’s body by creating a dragonfly made of beads, ribbon, and pipe cleaners.

Making Games (Brownie)

  • Learn the rules, play the game, then create new variations.

Outdoor Art Explorer (Junior)

  • Make a clay nature impression charm, sing camp songs, possibly tour outdoor art.

Product Designer (Junior)

  • Products can be improved with observation, innovation, and experimentation.

Flowers (Junior)

  • Make a bouquet of paper flowers by learning at least two ways to create roses, hyacinths, sunflowers, & more.

Altered Books (Cadette)

  • Choose a book meant to be altered and make new art through collage, embellishments, color, windows, and more.

Collage (Senior)

  • Create a self-portrait collage without using any selfies. Experiment through limitations with a two-color collage.

And more - Please ask. Contact us at to learn more. To register, fill out the form.