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Reflections in the Mirror

Our Most Recent Story

Nov, 2014 

 These particular events, beginning in 2012,  have been so filled with majik and synchronicity that it would take far more time and energy  than I can spare to share all of it... so I will keep this adventure to the highlights.  I  hope that many of you are inspired and come share with me your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations.

Now to begin...

On 12-12-12   I decided to head out to Mulino, Oregon to take a beautiful 1965 Rambler-Marlin for a test drive. Since I had just gotten my drivers license and Jeff knows far more about cars than I do, we decided it best that Jeff should drive the car and check it out for me. Traffic on the highway was fairly busy that day and a December sprinkle was coming down. As we stopped for oncoming traffic on a rising area of the highway to take a left turn  I suddenly heard and felt this blow to back of the vehicle. The next thing I remember is Jeff being out of the car talking to someone and I yelled "call 911" ! .

That evening when I woke up, I could barely lift my head up off of the pillow without terrible pain to my neck. Some  of you will remember me having a neck brace on for around 6 wks. It was quite a year, 2012, but as we rolled into 2013 - other than the pain from the accident and months of physical therapy - things were a little calmer but then escalated again in April of 2014 as some health issues I had been experiencing were beyond the point of taking care of  myself.

In early April of this yr., after dropping 10 lbs in 1 week,  I told Jeff that I was ready to go in.... that I knew what my health issue was and was ready  to hear the diagnosis.


The nite before going into emergency I sat and talked to my guides.  I expressed to them how blessed and happy I was in my life... that I felt that I had a lot more to do here on earth and that I would love to stay and continue my services in helping others.  I said thank you to the Universe for having everything in place for me and all the support I would need when I went in. I slept fine that night and in the morning off we went to hear what I knew was coming.

After a physical exam, the General physician on duty said, " I believe the area of concern is a large tumor"... I looked at him and said.. "No, I don't think it's a tumor. I think it's an enlarged spleen". "Well," he said. "We're sending you for a CAT scan and we will let you know."

About an hr after the scan, I heard the expected words... " We believe you have a rare form of Leukemia, " the doctor said.  I could feel Jeff squeeze my hand. Just then, out of the blue,  the Cancer specialist walked in.  The staff stepped back, "Well, isn't this a surprise!" they agreed. "Dr. P. is here and he came in to see you..." The synchronicity continued as Dr.P explained my rare form of Leukemia and that he was going to do everything possible  to help me medically and financially...  I looked at him and said " Well, Doc... it's like this.  I'm a lover of life and an ass kicker, so lets work together so I can move forward."  As a large smile formed on his face,  he said, " Good, I'll see you tomorrow for more tests !"  Dr. P turned has turned out to be one of the most wonderful men I have ever met.. and a Gemini as well :)

 For a month. I would go through blood tests, blood transfusions and a bone
marrow biopsy all through which I thanked all of the nurses and doctors every visit and expressed to spirit how happy I was to have the help of these people and how blessed  I was to have the overall experience.

 I now enjoy my memory of coming out of the hospital after my biopsy when I asked Jeff to take me straight home as I needed to go for a motorcycle ride. As we soared down the road, my arms outstretched , fringe blowing in the wind and tears in my eyes, I was aware more than ever that I had totally surrendered my life to the Universe, I was truly free..

Four months later. after  a new experimental  medication , Dr. P said that
he had never seen anyone respond so well so fast. Though I am still recovering and getting stronger,

I am a survivor... I have made it through the darkest places of alcoholism , 3 near
death experiences and now at least 2 yrs. of Cancer. My life has changed again...forever.

Part 2 :  Universal Blessings...
This community has long needed a true Spiritual Pagan Center... a social, as well as healing, safe place to learn and celebrate.  Last month, a 25 year dream has finally manifest.  With the settlement from our accident in 2012 as a down payment, I  purchased a property that I want to share with the community.

 I will tell more as it comes to me and I have time, but for now Jeff and I, and our helper... along with some movers, have moved onto the property and started painting and doing repairs. We expect to have a couple of events over the winter but will need volunteers in the early spring to help get the property ready for my , as usual,  many  ideas.  We are presently accepting cash donations at the shop for repairs as well as building and repair materials, and will soon be announcing what will be needed for the safe house and events centers.  As always, the Mirror , and now...Velvet Underground clothing...  will contribute financially from your purchases so keep coming in and continuing to support a small "business" that was manifested from the love of community.

A special thank you to my wonderful Jeff who stands beside me all the way.
To my wonderful sons, to Ares, our helper, our Shop Volunteers, and to everyone at the Reed that made sure I was safe and comfortable while working and in treatment...  and to all of our Mirror Fans and friends  ... your appreciation of myself and the Mirror brings joy and inspiration to my life everyday.  Jeff and I are looking forward to inviting those of Like Minds who would like to be a part of this wonderful Blessing...

Of Service and love, Carma and Jeff