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Carma's Place  offers both Open and Closed Circles/Gatherings. 

Open circles welcome all "Friends" of Carma's Place... Some of the Open events offered will include -
The Community Garden and Café, Herbal Teas and Remedies Outdoor Lounge, Drum Circles, Live Music, Turning of the Wheel Festivals, and more.

Closed Circles for Adults - Talking Circles, Healing Circles, Meditation Circles, Teaching Circles, Sweat Lodge (for men)... By invite Only.

For Children - Talking Circles, Meditation Circles, Crafts, Overnight Camping, Fishing, Adventures...

Work with Individuals:

*Intuitive Aura Readings;  Intuitive insight and discussion of any colors, totem animals, symbols or people seen in and around your Aura.

*Soul Singing; Sounds and mantras sung over the Chakras to help individuals attune to their Higher Selves, thereby connecting to Divine Consciousness.

*Between World Communication; Intuitive messages given to you from spirit Guides or Deceased Relatives, inspiring comfort and enlightenment.

*Meditation And Visualization techniques; to center and balance the spirit.

*Home and Personal Clearing; Using a variety of tools to clear "heavy energy" thereby influencing rejuvenation and flow to your space and your spirit.

*Intuitive Card and Crystal Readings; Offering insight and Guidance towards personal healing and challenging situations.

* Past Life Regression: Past life information channeled so that it will assist one in moving through present life blocks created by sub-conscious fearful experiences.

Services Offered to Couples, Families,
and Children Where Appropriate.

We will also be offering Hand Fastings and other Traditional Pagan/Spiritual Ceremonies.

The Event Center will be available for Private Gatherings with Reservations... contact us for details.

Most Events will be posted at least 2 wks in advance...