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Carma's Place

Carma's  Place

Learn, Heal, Celebrate

Created for the Community of like mind and spirit

  For anyone not sure what "of like mind and spirit" means... people who walk a spiritual path and honor/want to learn the ancient ways and have no interest in practices of spell casting, conjuring, manipulation,  or any of the other dark arts.
  Ancient ways include traditional Native American, traditional Celtic and other Earth Honored traditional paths.

Please read the Article in Reflections in the Mirror "What is Wicca" and the "Code of Ethics".

We would like to thank all of the Crystal Mirror Community  who, for over the past 16 years, have expressed the desire to Learn, Heal, and Grow. We look forward to spending time with you and forming a strong and loving Circle.  See our Events tab for more information on what will be offered.

If you are of "like mind" and wish to enter the Circle,  please email Carma with your thoughts and questions.
This is a Private Spiritual Center, not open to the general public. Thank you for not inviting guests to come with you to the Center.

Blessed Be,  Carma & Jeff 

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