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How We Began

        In the year 2000, Carma started a Food Bank and placed a small wooden sign at the end of the street from her home on River road in Keizer that said "Spiritual Guidance" . Within a couple of days people began coming to the door, then they sent their friends, then more people came, and soon there were people at the door almost every day.
After almost a year of offering Guidance, Healing and wisdom Circles, several boxes of import items were given to Carma in exchange for helping a friend in Canada start their own import business. Many of the items were consigned through a small shop at the time called Rose Bud and Fish, where Carma was ,at that point, offering Spiritual Card Readings .
When the owner of Rosebud and Fish decided to retire, Carma continued ordering her own inventory - successfully selling from her home to the point of running out of space. Within a year, the Crystal Mirror made its way to downtown Salem , sharing a business space for six months and then moved into the Reed Opera House where it has since , expanded into 4 more spaces.

        Carma  continues to offer her many Spiritual Insights  to the Community as well as hundreds of unique Rocks, Gifts, and Healing tools from around the World.  The Crystal Mirror Donates Hundreds of Dollars per yr. towards healing Environmental and human Rights Challenges and continues to offer Food and Resources to those in need.
Carma attributes the success of the shop to her personal commitment to Spiritual Growth and Healing.  She feels her love of life attracts to her the support of many wonderful, like minded people in both Canada, her homeland , and the U.S, her home since 98.
         In 1994 Carma also founded the Helping Heart Food Bank in  B.C   Canada which she passed on to another organization when she moved from Canada to the U.S.
Ten yrs. after the move , Carma  was informed that the Food Bank had expanded from one small town to 3 small towns in the area. To this day, the organization that took over the Food Bank, has in its main corridor, a honorary plaque recognizing that the Food bank was founded by Lady Jassa, a woman honoring Ancient ,Celtic and First Nations Spirituality. 
         Carma is of Irish, Mohawk, and Spanish decent,. The name, Lady Jassa, was recognized by her Spiritual Elders through the Rite of Passage  from Student to Teacher and Healer. The name holds the vibration of  "Giver of Light" in the Celtic tradition.
In the First Nations traditions she was named  " She who tends the Fire".   Over the Years she has been interviewed in Canada on Radio, Television and through the Newspapers and by the local Media in the Salem/Keizer areas and has had people come from as far as Europe to seek her advice and receive healing in all areas of life.
Blessings to all and thank you for your time,                           
                                                                      The Crystal Mirror
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