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Spiritual Services for Change, Growth, and Healing

IF you are interested in a reading or any of our other Services at The Crystal Mirror,  

Check out our Facebook Fan Page Events Link where we share with our fans what Services are being offered for that month.

Our services are intended for people who feel they are needing help to move through challenging situations.
Please do not inquire if you are just  "curious" or for "Fun"...
*Intuitive Aura Readings;  Intuitive insight and discussion of any colors, totem animals, symbols or people seen in and around your Aura.
*Soul Singing; Sounds and mantras sung over the Chakras to help individuals attune to their Higher Selves, thereby connecting to Divine Consciousness.
*Between World Communication; Intuitive messages given to you from spirit Guides or Deceased Relatives, inspiring comfort and enlightenment.
*Meditation And Visualization techniques; to center and balance the spirit.
*Home and Office Clearing; Using a variety of tools to clear "heavy energy" thereby influencing rejuvination and flow to your space.
*Intuitive Card and Crystal Readings; Offering insight and Guidance towards personal healing and challenging situations.

*Gatherings Throughout the Year.

* Past Life Regression: Past life information channeled so that it will assist one in moving through present life blocks created by sub-conscious fearful experiences.
Services also offered to Couples, Families,
 and Children Where Appropriate.

                   Carma is a Born Intuitive and Empath working with the public now since 1991,

                   she has a very strong reputation in both the U.S and Canada as a Gifted and

                   Honest Medicine Woman And Teacher.