Welcome to The Cruz Haunted House


Faire of Fear for 2012:
The Carnival has come to town...Join us if you dare!

The Cruz Haunted House is an amateur haunted house and maze for everybody to enjoy.
We are family friendly.
Our House is open Oct. 29th - 31st from dusk till 10 (or until people stop showing up).

The Cruz Haunted House was initially started for the amusement of our friends and family. It has been such a success, that we are now able to share the sights and sounds of Halloween with everyone in our community.
Scare level is based on your imagination, so have fun!

Creepy Jester

Ring Master

Zombie Girl

Our Reviews

So Much Fun!4444
What a blast. Can't wait for this year. One of the best haunted houses I've been to. Can't believe they transform their house like that. A must do!
An absolute must...55555
The most entertaining event I have ever attended on Halloween. This family is VERY dedicated to this holiday. Must go - you will not be sorry!

Best local haunt around.

We had so much fun, standing in line hearing the others screaming and laughing made the wait that much better.


All I can say is WOW.  Between the decorations and the costumes.  I can't believe everthing is home/hand made. My kids had such a good time, thanks for bringing this to the neighborhood.