Before you say I can't afford to take a cruise check out the facts.









First of all you can book or reserve a cruise with a small deposit and then make payments (monthly if you like) depending on how far out you book your cruise. Payment is generally due 60-90 days prior to sailing.

Example: I want to book a cruise for my husband and my 25th anniversary. It is in January of 2009. So I'm starting to plan for it now.I find the cruise line and destination I'm most interested in and look for a ship sailing around my anniversary date. I make the reservation witha small deposit and then budget my money each month to have it paid for by October of 2008. That gives me a year to pay for it.

Most cruise lines reduce rates a month or two before sailing to fill up any available staterooms. If you are not picky about your stateroom and just want to sail soon check out the specials, but be prepared to make full payment within 24 hours.

If you can afford a vacation, you can afford a cruise!

In fact, you could save money by taking a cruise. Just to prove it, use the handy chart below to compare the cost of a cruise to a typical land-based vacation. Chances are, when you add it all up, you'll probably get a lot more vacation on a cruise for a lot less money.

  A typical air/sea Cruise A typical land-based vacation
Cruise Fare $ N/A
Room Included $
(port to port)
Included $
Ground Transfers Included $
Breakfast Included $
Lunch Included $
Dinner Included $
Midnight Buffet Included $
Sports Activities Included $
Parties Included $
Entertainment Included $
Disco Included $
Nightclub Shows Included $
Airfaire Included $


  •  Save money on airfare by sailing from a port close to your home.
  • Combine your cruise sailing with a business trip or family visit to save on airfare.
  • Use up your frequent flyer miles.

Keep tabs on the price of your cruise after you book, booking early doesn't mean you can't have that last minute sales price. (The cruise line won't automatically give it to you, but if you or your travel agent call when they are running a sale on your stateroom category, you can usually get the reduced price.)

Some frequent price breaks can be received for:

  • Resident of certain states
  • Military Rates
  • Senior Rates (55+)
  • Guarantee Category vs. Stateroom Assignment (don't use this if you need to be on a particular deck or prefer midship or need to be in an adjoining stateroom with your kids.)
  • Reduced Air from select gateways.