So what's the difference between the types of staterooms?










There are four basic types of staterooms:

All staterooms have their own bathroom (generally a shower) and standard amenities and usually have two twin beds which can convert to Queen or King. Some staterooms will accomodate as many as eight people. Some staterooms have adjoining interior doors, which is nice if you have small children.

Interior - Means no window and located on the inside passage ways of the ship. Generally smaller in size and lower priced.

Outside - Has a window and usually a bit larger than an Interior.

Balcony or Veranda - Larger than the outside or interior rooms it also has a private balcony/veranda with large sliding glass doors for a most excellant view at any time. These staterooms are located on the higher decks.

Suites - The largest of all staterooms, some have separate sleeping and sitting areas. Many have bigger bathrooms with tubs. A suite will have all the amenities found in the other cabin categories, and you might even have butler service. Suites come in all shapes, sizes, and locations.

Stateroom Location - Look for a deck plan of your ship. You will notice staterooms on the majority of decks. Middle decks generally only have staterooms forward if at all as most shops, dining areas, casinos and theaters are located on these middle decks.

Midship Staterooms generally fill up first. Aft generally fills up second with forward staterooms last. 


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