The Accused

                Many people were accused  of witchcraft in The Crucible including Tituba, Giles Corey, Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse, Goody Osborne, Goody Good and John Proctor.  In addition to these accused, the court signed death warrants for many others.  Several of the accused were brought to court by Abigail Williams, a manipulative girl, who claimed they signed their name in the Devil's book.  Her lies and accusations led to the hanging of land owners in Salem.  

TITUBA is Reverend Parris' slave from Barbados who performs what the Puritan's call "black magic". Abigail is the one who tells Tituba to sing and dance; she is also the one to accuse Tituba of witchcraft. Tituba is found guilty and sentenced to be hung.



GILES COREY is a farmer who questions his wife's reading of strange books and this questioning leads to suspicions of his wife being a witch. Although Giles knows her reading has nothing to do with witchcraft, there is no way to prove it to Judge Danforth and he feels terrible. Giles also accuses Thomas Putnam of being greedy for more land and therefore accusing his neighbors. While trying to plead his wife's innocence, Giles is convicted with contempt of court and as a result, leads himself to his own death. Instead of being hung, Giles is tortured by having colossal rocks placed on his chest until he dies. He is strong-willed and strong-minded and shows his strength by only saying, "More weight."



MARTHA COREY is accidentally accused by her own husband for the reading of strange books. The court rules her guilty and she refuses to confess; as a result, she hanged.


REBECCA NURSE is a revered woman in Salem; she is religious, sensible, and caring. Everyone in the town is shocked when they hear she is accused and question the court's proceedings when she is declared guilty. Rebecca stays quiet and does not confess even though she knows the consequence.


GOODY OSBORN & GOODY GOOD are both homeless women accused of witchcraft by Abigail Williams. They are not able to truly prove their innocence because of their social standings.


JOHN PROCTOR is a farmer and The Crucible's protagonist. He commits adultery with Abigail and feels hypocritical, in return. In short, he is accused and brought before the judges. John admits to being with the Devil to save his life, but realizes that this is a terrible lie and that he is ruining the names of the accused that refuse to confess. The court demands written evidence of John being with the Devil and at this point, John declines. He chooses the road to death instead of life because he would rather keep his good name instead of having a reputation with the Devil.