The Crestwood Project: Native Plant Restoration

Recovery and transition
Two gardeners, Mary Wright and Gordon Housworth, are fortunate enough to steward and reside on a remarkable property -- steep woodland never farmed in the Franklin River floodplain in southeastern Michigan.  Although their 1950s home had been surrounded with suburban lawns and the driveway edged in myrtle, most of the property had been left uncultivated to flourish with native plants.  The driveway myrtle (Vinca minor) escaped to the slopes and the lawn suffered from the encroaching canopy of our oak openings.

We have begun to restore the native eco-system by controlling introduced plant species and encouraging native species -- no more lawns, no more myrtle.  The Crestwood Project is named for our street.  It's history begins in 2004. 

native plants franklin michigan species garden trillium woodland biodiversity sustainability ecology See "Day-to-day Notes" for frequent observations in our woodland.
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