Book 1

Creatures of the Heart

Sometime tomorrow, or maybe the day after.

On their honeymoon in the south of England, Tony and Genny sit down to a quiet supper at the Three Swans Inn. The next moment they are fighting for their lives against mad giants riding strangely aloof horned beasts. Subsequently believing themselves to be rescuing unicorns from giants, our young adventurers race across the Kentish countryside to discover an old farm in a meadow owned by a mysterious recluse named Harold Barkis. Harold is part of an ancient and secret worldwide brotherhood, "Sanctuary Keepers," who for thousands of years have tracked the legends of unicorns and giants.

Taking up cape and broadsword, Harold leads Genny and Tony on a journey into the Earth winding down a labyrinth of passageways to a ghostly, prehistoric underworld filled with vast technological wonders, mutant rodents, and a mysterious black tower that points to the stars.

© K. D. Kragen. All Rights Reserved.