Book 3

Space Leviathan

Like an astral serpent, the creature circled the outer planets, lazily pacing itself after a timeless passage through happy empty space. Slipping in gentle silence between the dark shadows of long cosmic sweeps, it snagged the solar winds and rode them on ancient gravity currents toward the system's central star. Delighted light! Cosmic sustenance! The beast fed lustily on that inkling energy whose rays reached ever out even to the far frigid gateway of this simple star and its twelve companion spheres.

The creature fed and hummed and thrilled in the growing particle warmth. It frolicked and danced, swimming on to that bright starfire like a comet awakening after long icy sleep—but with purpose, and with an identity it sensed, thrilled at, rested in as the nuclear center of a luminous self-knowing, and with a name given it from most ancient time.


Gliding unhurriedly, playing among planet rings and asteroid clouds, following the wispy scent of gravity angels, drawing, caressing, circling in eddies of dim sidereal force, calling, singing celestial music, Leviathan answered the song of the twelve spheres, breathed in the cosmic rhythms while the growing solar currents blew outward and drew inward the space creature to the young central star's fusioning furnace.

An energizing banquet: Leviathan breathed deep the small star's sweet radiation bouquet.

Leviathan, the spaceflyer, intergalactic whale, celestial dragon whose tail sculpted the dark in swirls of rainbow night—it glided ever closer to the source of its happy immortality, a beast without equal in all the cosmos, gargantua from dark matter's ocean shores.

© K. D. Kragen. All Rights Reserved.