Book 2

Children of Nephila

Six years later.

Tony, Genny and Harold are back on the farm. Genny and Tony now have a daughter, Megan Rebecca. While watching "Bambi Meets Godzilla" on TV, Megan is confronted by one of the sane giants, Girte Brechtele, who has emerged from her subterranean borderlands to warn her human friends of a new danger from below. Meanwhile, out on the mid-Atlantic island of Flores in the Azores, a covert US-British military operation unearths evidence of an ancient and bizarre civilization. At the same time, outside El Ferrol, northern Spain, a huge beast stalks through Señora Angelo's vineyard nestled in the quiet Galician hills.

Barely escaping the clutches of military agents, Genny, Tony, Megan, Harold, and Brechtele flee back into the earth. There they come upon the realm of the Nephilim, even older and more terrifying than the strange world of Book One. They soon discover that huge monsters of prehistoric world wars are being revived after two hundred thousand years of cold storage. As Brechtele's group approaches this antediluvian realm, a military expedition from Flores Island is heading in the same direction. Relentlessly pursued by cyborg survivors of the ancient wars, these two groups finally meet and end up struggling together for their lives, if not for the fate of the Earth (as always). Near the climax, there appears that eldritch Assyro-Babylonian proto-being, primeval chaos and the abyss incarnate, the incomparable Tiamat.

© K. D. Kragen. All Rights Reserved.