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Hello, visitors! We're Ryan and Melody Creech. For those of you who don't know us well, we're a fun-loving couple from Southeastern Kentucky. We were married in 2011 and immediately set about trying to grow our family. Ryan is a T6 paraplegic (so he uses a wheelchair) and Melody is an out-of-work Kindergarten teacher. Both of us love children and couldn't wait to have kids of our own!

Right away, we realized we were going to have some trouble with getting pregnant. Both of us endured months of testing before we met with the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) specialists at the University of Louisville for the first time. At that point, way back in 2013, we decided that IVF was just out of our reach because of our finances. In 2015, we started working with doctors in Lexington and eventually Cincinnati for assistance in having our child. Melody underwent dozens of ultrasounds, procedures, hormones, and even surgery as we gradually came to the realization that both of us have unknown health issues that continue to keep us from experiencing the miracle of having children. Now, it looks like our last resort is returning to IVF to try to grow our family.

Along the way, we've chased lots of crazy ideas and tried lots of alternative methods. We've tried every old wives' tale you can imagine. We spent more than a year trying for a private adoption, but even adopting domestically for a baby with a high probability of health issues can cost $40K or more. In addition, the birth mothers get to choose the parents that they feel would be the best for their child, but this means that there is no way to know how long you may have to wait. We tried foster care as well, doing weeks of classes before we decided that our hearts just couldn't take the disappointment of having a child taken from us just as we began to get attached. All of these cost us money, but they also cost us a little piece of ourselves every time.

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Thankfully, throughout this entire journey, Ryan has had a good job with the University of Kentucky, although their insurance doesn't cover any of our infertility appointments, procedures or meds. Melody was an incredible Kindergarten teacher who lost her job due to budget cuts in 2013. With all of our appointments and disappointments, she hasn't been able to return to work. She also spent nearly a year taking care of her mother after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy. At the time she stopped working, we had almost $30K in our savings, but this has slowly disappeared to the infertility monster. Melody has gone through the house again and again trying to find items to yard sale in the hopes of raising baby money, and has begun to apply for work as a substitute teacher. We are also in the process of applying for a home equity loan and trying to scrimp and save every dollar to put towards our next big trial of IVF.

We have struggled with infertility for years now, mostly in silence. We are hard-working people who care a lot and give back to our community. At the holidays we don't buy gifts for each other; instead, we donate to different charities. Our favorite is the women's homeless shelter. It feels so much better to lend a helping hand to your neighbors and it gives us something that we can be much prouder of than having things.

At an office holiday party the other day Ryan overheard someone say that 'Christmas just doesn't mean anything without the kids'. This is just one of the 10,000 triggers we hear every day that makes this journey so hard, but it's also very true. It's why we finally decided to reach out to our friends and loved ones during the holiday season of 2016 in hopes to rally for a round of IVF in summer of 2017. Although we get a lot of satisfaction from helping others, the holidays always strike us as hollow and depressing because we don't have a family of our own to share it with. We hope you'll consider a donation to help us expand our family.  We're hoping to raise $15,000 which will cover around half of our IVF cycles this spring-summer. We are hoping for 3 cycles. This is the last option and our last shot since we can't really afford to continue beyond this. 

Even a small donation is a very big deal to us. If you can't donate, we appreciate your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and love.  And even more than that, please share this on your social media platform of choice. Please help us put a bun in that Creech oven!