Creech Farms

We have a disabled chicken. Ryan built her a ladder and a ramp so she could roost and use the nest boxes like the others.
For our disabled chicken: A ladder and ramp!

We live on about an acre and a half in the mountains of Kentucky. Fortunately, our acre and a half sits in the middle of some large pasture land, so it feels like a lot more. Creech Farms lets Ryan do all of the fun farming and homesteading projects he loves. Melody raises a variety of chickens and does a lot of the garden work. Ryan is really great at supervising and is really getting the hang of this canning stuff. We sell our free-range chicken eggs and if you are really nice, we might sell you some, too! In the pantry right now, Ryan's got some blueberry and blackberry jam. There's some cherry jelly in there, too, made from our own sour cherry tree. Ryan even tried his hand at some cherry wine, although it has evolved in to some very versatile cherry vinegar at this point. Pickles like you wouldn't believe!

We grow a lot of squash, zucchini, okra, and beans. We've tried our hand at some field corn the last couple of years. We plant a lot of tomatoes. We also grown the occasional pumpkin, bell pepper, and lettuce. This year, we've got big plans to expand!

A busy momma chicken obviously needs quick oats and potato chips, right?