About Us

We're Ryan and Melody Creech! We met back in 2006 when Melody was a senior and Ryan was a senior (the first time) at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Since we were both education majors, it was surprising that we'd never crossed paths before at such a small campus. Melody loved Ryan's sense of humor and Ryan loved Melody's caring nature. Melody graduated with her Bachelor's in Elementary Education in 2006 and completed a Master's degree as a Reading and Writing Intervention Specialist in 2012. Ryan finished his Bachelor's in Communication Arts and English in 2007 and has started a couple of Master's programs but hasn't finished one yet.

Melody is one of those couponer types that you see on TV all the time getting groceries so cheap that the stores owe
her money. She's currently working as a substitute teacher and homemaker. Ryan works for the University of Kentucky as a Rehabilitation Technologist on loan to the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. His job is to help people with disabilities get jobs and go to college by removing barriers in their lives. He likes to tinker with things and has been playing a lot with integrated circuits lately.

About Ryan (by Melody)

When I first met Ryan, it was not love at first sight, but it didn't take him long to win over my heart. He is witty and fun all of the time. He never takes life too seriously and has enough love in his heart to fill the world! 

Children are drawn to Ryan. Our nephews adore him. When I was teaching and he would drop by my classroom, the students would get excited in the hopes that he'd be there with a magic trick to show them! When I see him interact with the children in our lives, I see the father he will someday be shining through. I can't wait to see him as a father and the leader of our Creech Family!

Ryan sees the joy in every day. There's never a dull moment!

About Melody (by Ryan)

I knew Melody was the right person for me from the start. She is so warm and giving. She is passionate about kids and was an incredible kindergarten teacher. She cares about all sorts of creatures, from the tiniest bug or worm to all of our pets at home. She is a down-home girl with a strong sense of family and I couldn't make it without her.

I think Melody will make a great mother because she has always wanted children. She makes up for all my shortcomings and has some of the strongest values and money sense a kid could ask for. She will make a great role model someday and instill a great deal of purposefulness and a respect for hard work in our children.

Melody works hard, but she knows how to cut loose and have a great time, too!