The Fire

Many of our friends have heard about the fire. On the morning of September 24th 2017, while Melody and Ryan were out of town, someone broke into our home. The person rummaged through our stuff looking for things to steal and made off with a few pills and some cash. About 15 minutes later, our house was fully engulfed in a fire. In just 4 minutes our house burned to the ground and took all of our possessions and family heirlooms with it and destroying Melody's Toyota Camry. When the fire investigators came to check out our home they discovered that our outside dog, Muffin, who was just like our child, had been locked inside and perished in the fire. 

Fire Photos

Melody, for those who don't know, has a very poor memory. This is due in large part to suffering meningitis as a child. As such, she has strong emotional ties to objects because they help her remember people, events, and stories. We lost all of those things in the fire and Melody is taking this extremely hard.

Thankfully, we were covered well by insurance. They have been taking care of us very well. We are currently living in a hotel as we work to regroup and make plans for what happens next. We want to thank our friends for all of the thoughts, concerns, prayers, and good vibes that have been sent our way. Ryan's sister demanded that we create some way to allow people who want to help us to do so, so we have set up our PayPal account to allow folks to donate. Over the next few months, there may be other opportunities to help, so stay tuned. We're not going to let this stop us from our goals of starting a family or of continuing to volunteer and donate to those less fortunate than us.  If you'd like to make a donation, you can use the PayPal donate link in the upper left corner of this page or click this link to donate via PayPal.