Cupcake Topiary


How to Create the Topiary

You will need:


Foam ball, a size that fits just a bit inside your pot – enough to glue it into your pot. Burlap or other material, if desired
Cupcake liners – 1 pkg of about 75 liners should do. Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Heat your glue gun.

Place the foam ball inside the pot.  Shape cupcake liners and affix to the ball with a dollop of hot glue.  (We wrapped and “folded” the liners around our index fingers with the non-decorative side facing inward).  Quickly place the liner on your foam ball and hold for about 10 – 15 seconds, until the liner is sufficiently glued to the ball.  Continue until all of the foam sticking out of the pot is covered.

Glue your foam ball into the pot.

Cut a piece of burlap or other material, just enough to wrap around your pot once. Trim the fabric so it lines up with the bottom of the pot. Glue in a few areas around the top edge of the fabric to hold in place.

Cut your ribbon to a desired length.  Wrap around the pot and glue in place in a few areas to help hold it.  Tie your ribbon.

Appreciate your creation!