Deepening Faith Awareness Through Guided Remembering:
A program for self reflection on family experiences of religion and spirituality. By exploring memories of how key family members expressd their convictions and coped with life's ups and downs, participants may deepen their understanding of their own religious views and particular contours of their own faith.

An introduction to a psychology of forgiveness and practical understanding of forgiveness as a means to repairing ruptures in relationships. The commandment to forgive our enemies (Matthew 5:44) will be examined from within this framework.

Spiritual Disciplines and Mental Health:
An introduction to an intentional deepening of those personal qualities which constitute spiritual growth and help to form the lens by which the work of God in our world may be brought more clearly into focus.

Family Health and Belief Systems About Illness:
An introduction to the influence of family belief systems upon our coping with illness and an opportunity to personally assess our beliefs about illness.

Parenting Teens:
A look at the trial and tribulations of parenting adolescents and some strategies for helping your child to grow in a positive direction while preserving your own sanity.

Anger and Rage:
Coping with anger in our marriage and family. An introduction to psychology and physiology of anger, practical ways of coping with anger, and relationship skills for angry couples and families.

Power of Two:
A program to develop high level relationship skills for engaged couples, newly married couples, couples with children, couples facing marriage challenges, and retiring and older couples.