Personal Bias Assessment

    This screening device is called the “Implicit Association Test.”  It measures the strength of associations between concepts (e.g. Skin Color, Obesity, Racism) and evaluations (e.g. Good, Bad).  These evaluations often occur outside of our conscious awareness.  These biases or implicit associations can affect behavior.  Implicit associations have been shown to be related to discrimination in hiring and promotion, medical treatment, and decisions related to criminal justice. 

   To explore your personal biases go to  If you do not want to register, under "Social Attitudes" click on the American flag to enter as a guest.  If you plan to return to this site you may want to register to save some of your background information for future log-ins. Follow the instructions, and take as many of the tests as you would like.  Each test takes about 20 minutes to complete.  You will be given the results following a test.

Since race bias is a major issue in our society you may want to begin with the Race IAT test.