Direct Your Buying

An easy way to contribute to the Counseling Center is to direct ones normal buying through established online shopping portals.  Part of the sales price paid to the vendor is shared with the Counseling Center as commissions for referring the business to that vendor.  The fact is that people make purchases as part of their every day necessities and their life style and this offers a not-for-profit organization like the Counseling Center a source of passive funding.


The Counseling Center has a full functioning travel site run by one of the major travel engines that can provide all your business and vacation travel services.  Visit pccTravel to book your cruise, hotels, car rentals, etc.


There are many occasions that one will want to send flowers.  Visit pccFlowers to order your flowers, fruit baskets, chocolates and cookies.

Ultimate Shopping Portal

Almost everything that can be ordered online can be found at pccZamZuu.  This site connects the shopper to over 600 major stores including stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, Sears, The Home Shopping Network and Target.  In addition there are many specialty stores and shoppers can register to get cash back on every purchase.