The Cosmic Egg of Eros-Phanes

It has been several months since I have had the chance to write down another Cosmic Egg story. During the time that has elapsed, many things have changed for me.  First of all, my writing has improved drastically. I am able to write much on my own without any help. I hope to become a scribe of history for my people, so that no one in the future will forget the wonderful opportunities the Orinians have given us to start life anew.

After I wrote my last journal entry about the Hindu Cosmic Egg, I met Haovah, a kind woman with beautiful dark hair and olive skin. I have developed a strong affinity for her over these last several months.  I have never seen anything quite like her; her eyes are golden like the sun.  This trait is uncommon even among the Orinians, but it is believed that one born with golden eyes is a sign of being a descendant of an ancient divine race that once ruled their people.  That is why she is called Haovah, which means "life," because only golden-eyed children are named the names of the divine race. It is a language that was only spoken by them, but that has been preserved by scribes for religious study. This language is referred to as the  Spiritus Aureus, which means "the golden breath" and these beings are generally referred to by the Orinians as the Golden Ones. 

Haovah and I have become very close over the past several weeks.  She also tells me many things, mostly about her world, Ōrīōn, and I delight in hearing as much as I can about it. Haovah has been raised like a princess on her planet. Teacher has addressed me, being an ambassador to my world, about the possibility of a marriage between Haovah and me. This, he believes, will help to unite our worlds and create peace among our children for generations to come.  We can also begin to repopulate the earth. Our future descendants would of course be half Orinian, but they will also be half human.  It is the only course of action that Teacher believes will resolve the dilemma of the human race becoming absolutely extinct, as they have confirmed that I am the last human on earth.  Naturally I have agreed to the match as Haovah is becoming more and more appealing to me every time I speak with her.  She is a wise and strong woman who I feel has much to teach me. She seems to be afraid of very little.  She is an explorer and is very eager to excavate the ruins of my beloved Earth, with me at her side, in order to see what we can salvage from its skeletal remains.  She is as eager as I am to undertake the renovation of my world and help to restore it to its former beauty.

Despite how busy we have been in the attempt to re-fertilize the soil for crops and build new homes within our new village, Teacher has managed to find time to tell me more stories. Although he has told me many new ones, unrelated to the Cosmic Egg stories, I will have to save those for another time.  In keeping with the tradition I have started, I will for now, tell the next Cosmic Egg story that Teacher shared with me only last night. This story is from the Greek tradition, not too far across the Mediterranean from where the story of the Egyptian Cosmic Egg was hatched. This is the story of Eros-Phanes, the God of Love.

There was once a black-winged Goddess who loved to fly. She was dark like the night and covered the cosmos in all directions.  Nyx, as she called herself, had the eyes of a bird. With these eyes she could see far into the distance.  She was tired of seeing nothing but darkness and grew lonely.  Out of this loneliness grew a longing and from that longing, within her, grew an egg. That egg was full of love.  She laid the egg in the still of the darkness surrounding her. 

That egg had two halves: the upper half was named Ouranos, who was heaven, and the lower half was named Gaia, who was earth.  Once the egg hatched, Nyx decided that the children born from it should be called Protogenoi,  the "First-Born," and out of the egg flew all kinds of beautiful elements such as earth, air, sea, sky, fresh water, underworld, darkness, night, light, day, procreation, and time. What came out first, however, that seemed to surround and enfold itself in all of these elements, and which Nyx helped create with her deep longing, was Eros-Phanes, also known as love.

Due to Eros' love, Ouranos and Gaia fell in love with one another.  They decided they would be united in marriage. Due to this holy marriage between heaven and earth, many children were born.  Ouranos and Gaia gave birth to giants that were called Titans, and their names were Okeanos, Hyperion, Rhea, Tethys, and Kronos.   Kronos did not like his father Ouranos, however, and injured him with a sickle that Gaia had given to him.  Because he wounded his father so terribly,  Ouranos was forever separated from his wife Gaia.  

Kronos, however, was also influenced by Eros' love, and decided to marry Rhea. They also had many children of their own.  They had Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus who who were not Titans, but were instead the Olympian gods.  These new Gods were immortal and were very powerful, each in their own way.  They all went on, each with unique stories of their own that would later be set down in history as Greek mythology.

This by far, is one of my favorite stories that Teacher has told to me.  I find that I understand Nyx's longing and how out of her longing grew a need for love.  I too was lonely and developed a strong need for love.  I believe that my need for love brought the Orinians to me.  Love brought me the man I like to call Teacher and the woman, Haovah, that will soon become my beloved wife. I hope that we too will someday have many children, who will also go on and create unique stories of their own that might be someday told of in future generations. This is my last Cosmic Egg story, but I hope in the future I might have other tales to tell. I am not sure when that will be, as I plan on being very busy creating a beautiful family with Haovah, with whom I am eager to start a new life with.

Bibliography Information: Here is the link to the original story:  The Greek Story of Creation

Author's Note:  I changed the original story to make it sound much more personal to the main character Nyx, who is the mother of Eros-Phanes.  This is similar to the other cosmic egg stories in that the main character in the story chooses to create the universe out of a deep longing and loneliness. All of this was done to create a likeness between Solus Vir and the characters in the story.  His Teacher, therefore, is using the opportunity of telling Solus Vir these stories in order to teach himself something that pertains to his own life.  In this particular story, Solus Vir has met and fallen in love with a woman, Haovah, who he will marry and start a family with.  In doing so, he will be creating his own Cosmic Egg, so to speak, by creating the future race of planet Earth. In this way, he can relate greatly to Nyx, who through giving birth to her Cosmic Egg, is giving life to the Universe.   The remainder of the story is about Zeus and his descendants, but I chose to leave that out since it doesn't necessarily pertain to the Cosmic Egg portion of the story. I, however,  did let the reader know that there were many other stories that came about afterward that tie back to the story of Nyx and Eros-Phanes.
I also want to note that Eros and Phanes are two separate Gods in Greek mythology, but in reference to this particular story they are often combined into being one and the same God.  In conclusion, for further reading on Zeus, the link above to The Greek Story of Creation has further information as to who  he was.  I recommend reading it to discover more in-depth information if you are interested in learning more about him. It is a good starting point when diving into the rich, deep world of Greek mythology.

Image Information:  A picture of the Cosmic Egg of Creation. Web Source: Glyndaypark Daily Bread website