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What do barn doors have to do with astrophotography?


DIY "Night Vision Friendly" Flashlight

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I got my first telescope when I was maybe 10. It was a  Simmons model 6350 60mm achromatic refractor. I have no idea why I wanted it so bad, but I did. Still have it: 

 In 9th grade I upgraded to a Meade Polaris DS-114, complete with the Autostar object locater. I got that to work correctly maybe once, not worth the price. Sadly, the mirror on it has since oxidized, which makes viewing disappointing. Time to upgrade again! This time I want to build my own.

As for photography, my current camera is a Canon A1 SLR. I only have one lens for it at the moment, a FD 50mm. Hopefully one day it will be replaced by a DSLR. But for now it does great.

It is usually mounted on top of my home made soon-to-be-motorized barn door tracker. 


How'd I make it?  Check it out.

Heres a table with most of my stuff on it. I also have a Pentax K1000, some binoculars (not the greatest),  a tripod for non-tracking photos, a modified webcam that fits in my telescope, a modified rechargeable night vision friendly flashlight, some books, and my laptop with Starry Night and Photoshop software.