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Approx. 15 min, non-guided, Orion. 400 speed film, f/1.8 

 Iridium Flare, approx 30 sec, non-guided, 400 speed film, f/1.8

Heres an image of a total lunar eclipse I took in 2003.

These are the first few images taken with the barn door tracker. New location and I hadn't done any bracketing. I live near a city, and light pollution and vignetting are not my friend. Needed to be stopped down. Still learning!

 Approx. 10 min, hand guided, 400 speed film, f/1.8 

Casseopia can be made out, as well as double cluster NGC 869.

 Same location, image of Orion, approx 10 min, hand guided, 400 speed film, f/1.8

This is an image of the Pleides star cluster. Same location, approx 10 min, hand guided, 400 speed film, f/1.8. I believe some condensation was forming on the lens.

Hopefully the weather will be nicer soon and I can get back out there and take some more pics. Comments/suggestions always welcome.