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Used in this course: 603 Family: Middle and Later Years 
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People Generally Remember                         ?**

10% of what they read.                             Read                                              Verbal Receiving

20% of what they hear.                          Hear Words

30% of what they see.                         Watch still picture

                                                        Watch moving picture                             Visual

                                                            Watch exhibit                                     Receiving

50% of what they

hear and see.                                     Watch demonstration


70% of what                                        Do a site visit.

they say or                                        Do a dramatic presentation.                     Hearing,

write.                                                                                                               Saying,

                                                                                                                        Seeing &

90% of what                                     Simulate a real experience.                        Doing

they say                                                 Do the real thing.

as they

do a


                                                        ?**                                         ?**

  Wiman and Meirhenry. (1969) contains reference to Edgar Dales's "Cone of Experience."

**Question marks refer to the unknown.