Please note that The Corresponding Society is not currently accepting submissions for Correspondence.


Submission Guidelines


Please note that we do not currently accept unsolicited submissions for book-length works or chapbooks.



What: The Corresponding Society welcomes submissions to our biannual literary journal during designated periods (see above). We are looking for new and exciting work, creative and expository, from emerging talents with developed formal approaches to written expression. The journal is anchored by poetry, but we place an editorial importance on finding and publishing as extensive a variety of forms as we can. We are particularly interested in poetry, critical essays, fiction, drama, translation, and hybrid works. We do not use much visual art per issue, but will still consider submissions. We try to publish enough pages per contributor to allow a comprehensive representation of the writer for the readership. We typically publish anywhere from three to thirty pages per contributor, but often reject submissions under ten manuscript pages in length.  We do not currently publish contributor biographies in the journal, but will accept them for editorial reference.


How:  We only accept submissions via email; our gmail address is as follows:                                thecorrespondingsociety

If you are submitting more than one piece all pieces must be presented collected in a single file (this is very important to us!), preferably a .doc file or similarly popular format readable by Word.

Please allow at least three months for a response. We do not recommend writing follow-up letters of inquiry unless you must retract your submission or in the event that work submitted to us becomes subject to consideration by another press and information re our publication schedule is needed. The submissions are not opened until the editorial team is assembled to create the next issue. We will not be able to provide any information re the status of individual submissions until about a month before the issue is published. Letters of acceptance and rejection are issued as soon as possible. We cannot offer payment for accepted contributors, but each is entitled to one copy of the issue in which the work appears. The Corresponding Society retains no rights to a contributor’s work except for publishing the journal under the general rubric of a Creative Commons license allowing for non-commercial use of all content.


The Corresponding Society Blog

We accept blog-appropriate nonfiction at all times. Please refer to the content currently being published on our blog for an idea of what we typically post. We mainly publish interviews, reviews, and essays, critical or casual, on culture and art. Submissions of online material may be directed to our general email address. Please clearly specify that submitted content is meant for the blog. The online editor reserves the right to redact material to suit the needs of the blog format.