My Life

I was born in Hamburg, Germany and came out to Australia when I was two. I attended primary and some of secondary school where I enjoyed horseriding(dressage and bushriding) as well as Gymnastics, Hockey and swimming, before returning to Hamburg, Germany when I was twelve.I was reunited with my country of birth and enjoyed the German schooling ,culture, activities and lifestyle.

We stay in Germany for two years before my father got to transfer to Indonesia to direct the company . My schooling was at the international expatriate school with children from various nationalities. My father was a director of the company in Australia and when he went back to Germany he had to work in a small office which he didn't like.He liked the lifestyle of a managing director so he got a transfer to Indonesia .  We stayed for two years and then resettled in Australia .

 I attended  Killara high school where I completed the HSC in a year. I completed a University Diploma           in Leisure  and Recreation which lead to the job of children's holiday leisure officer. My next job was working on the Floating Hotel where I was one of the four activities officers reporting to the Public Relations Manager. I was also involved with the media in promoting the hotel. It was the first of its kind in the world and I enjoyed the role of playing tennis on the first floating tennis court in Australia. There were plenty of guest activities insuring the guests had fun and enjoyed their holiday. 

 I arranged a job in Japan from Australia. It was a job in the quiet, nice town of Ikoma. The mountainous town was nestled inbetween Osaka ( a bustling city, ) and Nara (the old capital of Japan). Osaka,Kobe      and Kyoto have a population of 19,000 000. I was happy to live in a small town, where there were some rice paddies, which were pleasurable to the eye.

When I arrived in Australia ,I applied to the Airline Industry, for they were recruiting japanese speaking staff and I started with Qantas. After the training in service and emergency procedures our class started as flight attendants. I enjoyed my job and after three years of flying to Japan plus the rest of Asia, Africa, America and Europe, I entered into the job of First Class Flight Attendant. I had a boyfriend in Germany, so most of my flying was heading up to Frankfurt and organising a Lufthansa flight up to Hamburg. My life was fun and I had found the right job for me.

I was living in an appartment and I needed some repairs done to one of the windows.The person doing the repairs ask me if I wanted to come to act communications lecture it was going to be the start of the years since 1998 of bad luck.The sect was called kenja and the cult leader was ken dyer. I joined because I liked the ballroom dancing, which I had tried for the first time.

Then in Melbourne staging a play I was humiliated by Ken Dyer and went home. It seemed a common Ken Dyer technique building them up and tearing them down, one witness said. It was in October of 1998  when this happened. I was on my way back to cancel any more ballroom dancing classes when I encountered ken dyer just in a side street closeby to the centre. It was off. He sexually assulted me and     I left screaming . I never went back and I heard later that it had been reported that the leader had sexually assulted girls as young as eleven. He did this at his "energy conversion" sessions, but was cleared after a Court appeal in 2002.

Why hasn't anything been done about this person. Other reports have come to light about him having assulted two other girls as recently as 2006. He said I am evil. He is evil. I have no demons in me, I am just a nice person who is being victimised. Abusing me by sexually assulting me in the way he did is foul. He had a partner at the time too. Imagine an 83 year old man.

My sister has got a nasty streak in her. She writes that I have gone mad. That's so untrue. She is one         of those people that likes to be  better than her sister. She doesn't mind saying totally wrong things    about me infront of everyone. We haven't got along for many years and she doesn't even have conversations with me anyway so how can she be a good judge of how I am.

 Then two weeks later I got held up by police for driving along the road after going to a vegetarian restaurant. I was scared and startled so I swerved into the side curb. I was totally taken aback. I didn't know what to do. I got told to put my hands ontop of the van and they patseached me. Without comment they forced me in the van with handcuffs on and drove me to the hospital. They were very rough with me. I believe it could have been a tipoff by ken dyer who could easily calculate that once in a psychiatric hospital who would treat her seriously. There they held me down on a mattress the four policemen and the doctor gave me an injection and didn't even explain what it was. I was so scared.

This was one of the scariest moments of my life because I didn't know why they were doing this to me.      It could have been leathal thats how cruel and pitiful they had treated me. I was shaking and all their response was to stick me in the wirecage back of a policevan lock it and drive me to a psychiatric  hospital. It was the first time I had encountered police and I could not understand why they were so... cruel.

 I was discussing this with a friend and they said, some people join the police force to dominate over others and they could have a power hungry streak where others want to assist and solve crimes. I fell victim to harsh dominating behaviour and before this I would have not thought police would behave       like this.

 Being a first class flight attendant and providing the best service possible that was always my concern. Anyway I was forced to see psychiatrists who I told about the bad dreams I was having .I kept the actual information about the sexual assault  a secret.I felt if I told them about the assault my job maybe in jeapardy. This caused me stress. That,s probably how I ended up dreaming bad nightmares. They somehow mistook my dreams as a sign of me being ill but all it was is that I was under stress.

 I was in a lot of unneccessary trouble and I felt unwell due to the injection. They kept me there and I didn't know what to do.   The truth was I was suffering stress from the sexual assault, which I didn't tell anyone about till recently. That's what a doctor told me afterwards.

Instead of letting me go free due to knowing I was a first class flight attendant and it must have been         a mistake, they decided to keep me there like an animal, give me drugs that I wasn't use to taking.              I didn't know what to do in these situations. I was helpless. Normally ia lawyer would be called. I had never any reason to have a lawyer so didn't know what to do. I definately did not belong in a psychiatric hospital. Ken Dyer knew somebody in the police force and thus all this corruption got started.

I keep fit I would jog around the small enclosure in the morning and at dusk. There was nothing to do in a place like this except for exercise or read the paper. You had to stay in the ward until they decided you were ready for any leave. Leave meant going to the shop with a nurse. One week I had to stay on the ward.They give you little freedom. It is a revolting place where I should never had to experience the type of off style the nurses and some doctors treated me.   

I was incaserated in this confined space for three months and spend christmas in the hospital. They    didn't tell me this but one of the reasons they were holding me was because I was doing a lot of exercise with they thought was queer. There was nothing else to do so besides sitting down reading (they refer      to this   as the depressive phase) I would do my routine jogs or walk around( this was refered to them      as a manic phase). The others who were in this place just sat nearly all the time. here was the difference. Someone says I have a mental illness. What a lie. I was suffering from stress due to the sexual assult and not telling anyone. Keeping it bottled inside. It's a crime what this man has done to me.

 It's has come sofar that some people thoughout time have believed strangers who don't know me at all. How can people who don't know you make a trial and commit you to taking drugs. No one would like    their son or daughter to have gone though what I did and am still going through. It's an awkward time. Please help me stand up for human decency , the right to voice the truth and the freedom to live a life without restrictions of someone like a guardian having power over you. Usually those that have a     guardian are old people who need help with the running of their lives. How odd it is for a capable        young woman, who's only fault is to be vunerable has to have anyone having power over them.                  It is a crime.

 Could you please help me in this matter. How can people who are only human beings themselves can make mistakes commit you to taking drugs for afew years? There should be an Inquire held into my case. A royal commission would be good. Please ring or email me so we can discuss the matter. It's a terrible time for me. Please help me stand up for human decency, the right to voice the truth and the right to live my life without the restrictions of a guardian having power over me. The only people who I know that have a guardian are old people. Why should a nice person like me have to put up with one. It is off. I am very capable of running my own life. Why should it be that just because I have fallen a victim of a bad situation have anyone decide how I should run my life. I do not deserve to have a guardian. It is very wrong.

Some Psychiatrists leave you helpless. They decide you have such and such a problem and that's that.     It's wrong to not listen to the person they are talking to. Some Psychiatrists are arrogant and I think       they should be understanding of the person they are talking to instead of just saying they have no    insight.

Samela Harris from the Advertiserin Adelaide interviewed me and that is a true reflection of who I am and what I think. I've had to be very strong to go through all I have and am still going through But please respond and take the time out to help. if you know of any way to help me, any people that could be of assistance please let me know. I am currently a student of Flinders University were I am doing studies in Languages.I have a Lawyer that is helping me now, which is helpful.

 I do know myself and know I am being overruled by some psychiatrists. Why can't they try me on a drug   free time where I just see the psychiatrist every two weeks. They can then  see that I am normal. Please could you help me if you know what to do.

 I am no spastic, pychopath, disabled or cripple. I am no criminal. I am against being told what type of person I am. I am annoyed. I don't feel these people have my own interest at heart is an understatment.

Imagine giving anyone anti-psycotic medication when they don't have anything wrong with them. That  can be called a crime.

 I never told anyone till 2007 that I had been sexually assaulted. That can be the cause of the misunderstanding. It did affect me in a way that I do not wish to recall .

 I am a friendly, loving individual who enjoys communicating with people and I am a caring soul who  wants this case heard.

Is it not against the law to throw away someone's mail. That is what happened to me when I asked the nurse to post my letter to the advertiser and to my friend. It was probably a matter of them being scared about bad things being discovered about their treatment of me in Brentwood, Glenside.

 I have been falsely accused as an ill person. I am well, healthy and fit.

 I jog regularly on the beach, walk  for exercise a lot and

 go swimming in the ocean all year round.                It keeps you healthy.

 It's simple. I am a healthy individual not needing to waste my days

 and life living some other people's lies!

 I am fed up with wasting time.     Please could you contact me.

 Home: 0423124639 . Email